TXyaml [Discontinued]

API TXyaml [Discontinued] 0.3

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Lego_freak1999, XanderWander
Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.13


This api discontinued we recommend u to use:

This api is not efficient in anyway for ur server.
to read more about efficiency read here:

Though i leave this online if someone wants to work with yaml without any form of caching or manipulation. (Except color codes).

If for some reason someone has a question pls send it to @Lego_freak1999 since he remains active on the forums.

This addon allows you to use yml as a config. The syntax is similar to the skutillities addon. There for this script is incompatible with skutillities. With this skript you are able to save different types of objects in a yaml like items. This can be very usefull for saving an inventory etc. Also you are able to set a yaml list directly like this:
# Set a yml list directly
set yaml list "config" from file "config" from folder "pluginfolder" to {_list::*}

# Set & Retreive an item from yml (keeps enchantments & names!)
set yaml value "item" from file "config" from folder "pluginfolder" to player's tool
set player's tool to yaml value "item" from file "config" from folder "pluginfolder"

y[a]ml value %text% (from|of) file %text% (from|of) folder %text%
y[a]ml list %text% (from|of) file %text% (from|of) folder %text%

Item / Material
Offline Player

set {_val} to yaml value "config.test" from file "config" from folder "yourplugin/pluginfolder"
set yaml value "config.test" from file "config" from folder "yourplugin/pluginfolder" to 12
delete yaml value "config.test" from file "config" from folder "yourplugin/pluginfolder"

set {_val::*} to yaml list "config.test" from file "config" from folder "yourplugin/pluginfolder"
add "val-1" to yaml list "config.test" from file "config" from folder "yourplugin/pluginfolder"
remove "val-1" from yaml list "config.test" from file "config" from folder "yourplugin/pluginfolder"
set yaml list "config.test" from file "config" from folder "yourplugin/pluginfolder" to {_list::*}
delete yaml list "config.test" from file "config" from folder "yourplugin/pluginfolder"

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Refunds are at our discretion only. (If applicable)
You're not to redistribute this in any form, original, modified or other.

We are not liable for any breakages.
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Latest updates

  1. UpperCase Fix

    - Fixed uppercase problems. So now "ConfigFile" is the same as "configfile"
  2. Addition

    - Added support to make use of '&' instead of '§' inside of yaml files.

Latest reviews

Great API! I like the idea of saving items (skript-yaml has that function, but skUtilities does not) That's why you have my support and keep improving it!
TX Plugins
TX Plugins
Thanks for the review! Feel free to suggest any ideas on how to improve it.