Script Trading 1.0.0

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.12
This script is designed to make trading simple and easy for the user without the worry of someone stealing your items on trading. This system secures that your players have a safe trade and no scamming.

* /Trade (PlayerName) - Requests a trade with the designated player
* /Trade Accept - Accepts the current trade request
* /Trade Deny- Declines the current trade request

Only one permission to actually allow trading
  • trade.use

To install the plugin onto your server:
  1. Skellett and Skript 2.2-dev34 installed. (In 2.2-dev35 you won't need Skellett)
  2. Place the download in the scripts folder "plugins/Skript/scripts"
  3. Type /sk reload Trading
  4. Enjoy!
Video (Sound delay was my video recorder)

    prefix: &7[&6Trading&7] &f
    command: /trade
    aliases: /trading, /trade
    usage: &cThe correct command is &l/trade (player) &cmake sure that the user is online.
    header: "     &5&nYours&r              &4&nTheirs"
    #The item dividing each side
    divider: gray stained glass pane named "&6"
    #The item to click and move back a step
    cancel: red stained glass pane named "&cClick me to cancel trade"
    #state 0 - when the user opens the gui
    state0: orange stained glass pane named "&5Click me to accept trade"
    #state 1 - when the user is ready to accept
    state1: yellow stained glass pane named "&6Click me again to confirm trade"
    #state 2 - when the user is ready to accept
    state2: green stained glass pane named "&aWaiting on tradee..."
    #otherstate is the what the other tradee will see.
    #otherstate 0 - when the user opens the gui
    otherstate0: orange stained glass pane named "&6Other tradee's state"
    #otherstate 1 - when the user is ready to accept
    otherstate1: yellow stained glass pane named "&6Waiting for you to accept"
    #time before the request expires.
    timeout: 2 minutes
    #should users in creative be allowed to trade?
    trade-creative: true
    #should users within a range only be allowed to trade?
    trade-range: true
    range: 10
    sent: &aTrade request sent to %argument parsed as player%
    trade: &6&l%player% &6has requested to make a trade with you. Type &a&l/trade accept &6to accept or &c&l/trade deny &6to deny.
    already: &cYou have already requested a trade. To cancel trade type &l/trade cancel
    cancelled: &cYou cancelled your trade request.
    deny: &cYou denied your trade request.
    denied: &cYour trade reqest was denied.
    timed-out: &cThe request to %argument parsed as player% has expired.
    no-trade: &cYou have no trade requests pending.
    close-inventory-trade: &cThe user you were trading with has cancelled the trade.
    max-slots: You may only insert up to 20 slots worth of items.
    complete: The trade has been successful.
    reload: The trading system has been reloaded by the console, all trades refunded.
    trade-self: You can't trade with yourself, that's pointless.
    no-permission: You don't have the correct permissions to trade with users.
    creative: You can't trade when in creative mode.
    outofrange: You can't trade with this user because they're too far away, you need to be atleast 10 blocks away.
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