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Bug Fix with Actionbars

When actionbar was sent to a specific player it would output `<none>` instead of the specified message. This issue has been fixed.
Actionbar Functionality

Added a new function actionBar(), which allows messages to be displayed above the player's hotbar, like so:



actionBar(message, fadeInTime, stayTime, fadeOutTime, player)


actionBar("&6Whoa! &bColors!", 1, 2, 1, "@a")
##similar to the other functions, the player portion is a string, allowing you to specify all players or just one player. eg: "%event-player%" would work under the player argument
New Logo
New Icon I quickly made just to show off :emoji_slight_smile:

Bug Fixes
Fixed issues with the /sendtitle command
Debug fix
did not realize that the debug thingy doesn't work. fixed that. oops

New command
Added it for the lazy people. It hasn't been tested so expect a fix to come out soon.
/sendTitle (target[@a,player]) (fadeInTime[inSeconds]) (stayTime[inSeconds]) (fadeOutTime[inSeconds]) (message)

/sendTitle @a 1 3 1 &6This is a title||&eand a subtitle too!
Now supporting 1.12
You can now use titleAPI on 1.12 servers! Yay!
+ Added some more clarification for the command usage (/sendTitle & /sendSubtitle)

Thanks for 50 downloads! Wooo!
Server Version Automation

Completely forgot about the `%minecraft version%` available in Skript, so I implemented that into the skript, so everything is automated now! No need to put it in yourself.
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Support bug fixes
Since I did not realize Minecraft Versions 1.9, 1.10, & 1.11 had changed the json formatting, I had added a new option to the .sk file:
    serverVersion: 1.8
    # // Applical versions
    # 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11
Make sure you change this to your server version or else an error will occur.

Thank you to @Simuciokas for discovering this issue and reporting it to me on Discord (By the way, I don't use Discord often. If an issue occurs, please message me on skUnity or post a thread in the Discussions tab to get my attention. Thanks!)
New Function!
simpleTitle function!

simpleTitle("titleText||subtitleText", fadeInTime, stayTime, fadeOutTime, "target")

simpleTitle("&6&lTitle Text||&e&oSubtitle Text", 1, 2, 1, "@a")