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Script Ticket System for your Discord Bot 1.3.1

ticket system for your discord bot

  1. atanasss
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.16
    A simple ticket system with chat logs for your discord bot with reaction system

    How to setup the ticket system

    1. create category with name Tickets, with big T,
    2. [​IMG]
    3. in that category create Ticket and Ticket-Log Channels
    4. go to your plugins folder and create folder with name Logs, again.. with big L.
    5. after this go to tickets.sk and add channels id and bot name + bot id
    6. if you wanna test the system befor purches you can contact me on discord (KingOfGames#5994)
    • -ticket create # create a ticket
    • -ticket add <member> # add member to the ticket
    • -ticket close # close the ticket, need to have the staff roles, edit {@staff} option
    • -ticket rename <text> # rename the ticket channel name, need to have the staff roles, edit {@staff} option
    • -ticket keep # keep the ticket open, need to have the staff roles, edit {@staff} option
    • .ticket # execute this in your Ticket channel
      [​IMG] download.png
    • after member react to the message from command .ticket
      their ticket will be created
    For this to work you need:
    • Skript: 2.2-dev36 or 2.2-SNAPSHOT
    • vixio 2.0.8
    • skript-mirror

Recent Updates

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  2. Discord Intent update
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