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Addon Ticker 1.0.0

A Tps logistics Skript addon.

  1. LimeGlass
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Ticker - By LimeGlass

    Source: https://github.com/TheLimeGlass/Ticker

    A Tps logistics Skript addon. Ticker will track your server's tps with events, average tps and accurate tps tracking.
    Keep in mind that this is alot more accurate than Bukkit's Tps methods. Ticker's average Tps is similar to Bukkit's Tps, but there is also an expression to get from Bukkit.

    All of the syntax for this addon are generated in a Syntax.yml with information on it, a disabler for each syntax and if it supports what changers.

    Code (Skript):
    1. Syntax:
    2.   Events:
    3.     AverageTpsChangeEvent:
    4.       enabled: true
    5.       patterns:
    6.       - '[Ticker] average tps change [to %-number%]'
    7.       eventvalues:
    8.       - Number
    9.       - Number
    10.       - Number
    11.     TpsChangeEvent:
    12.       enabled: true
    13.       patterns:
    14.       - '[Ticker] tps change [to %-number%]'
    15.       eventvalues:
    16.       - Number
    17.       - Number
    18.       - Number
    19.   Expressions:
    20.     ExprEventPastTps:
    21.       enabled: true
    22.       description: Returns the server's past tps in the tps change event.
    23.       syntax:
    24.       - '[the] [server[['']s]] (past|previous) tps'
    25.     ExprTpsString:
    26.       enabled: true
    27.       description: Returns the server's tps with colour.
    28.       syntax:
    29.       - '[the] [server[['']s]] tps string'
    30.     ExprAverageTps:
    31.       enabled: true
    32.       description: Returns the server's average tps.
    33.       syntax:
    34.       - '[the] [server[['']s]] average tps'
    35.     ExprBukkitTpsString:
    36.       enabled: true
    37.       description: Returns the server's tps from Bukkit.
    38.       syntax:
    39.       - '[the] bukkit[['']s] tps [string]'
    40.     ExprEventPastAverageTps:
    41.       enabled: true
    42.       description: Returns the server's past average tps in the average tps change
    43.         event.
    44.       syntax:
    45.       - '[the] [server[['']s]] (past|previous) average tps'
    46.     ExprTps:
    47.       enabled: true
    48.       description: Returns the server's tps.
    49.       syntax:
    50.       - '[the] [server[['']s]] tps'
    51.     ExprLastTps:
    52.       enabled: true
    53.       description: Returns the server's last tps from 20 ticks ago.
    54.       syntax:
    55.       - '[the] [server[['']s]] last tps'
    56.     ExprAverageTpsString:
    57.       enabled: true
    58.       description: Returns the server's average tps with colour.
    59.       syntax:
    60.       - '[the] [server[['']s]] average tps string'
    61.   PropertyExpressions:
    62.     ExprTimeTps:
    63.       enabled: true
    64.       description: Returns the server's tps at a time.
    65.       syntax:
    66.       - '[(all [[of] the]|the)] [the] [server[['']s]] tps[s] (of|from) [date[s]] %date%'
    67.       - '%date%[''s] [date[s]] [the] [server[['']s]] tps[s]'
    If you have any suggestions that I should add. Please use the discussion page to notify me about them. If you need any help with this addon as well you can pm me or use the discussion of this resource, Thanks.


Recent Reviews

  1. Jacob105
    Version: 1.0.0
    So lightweight, very nice! And for everyone else, STOP POSTING YOUR BUGS IN THE REVIEW SECTION!!!!
  2. Hypenexy
    Version: 1.0.0
    Just what I needed! Since skript doesn't support tps on spigot this is the best tps addon if not the only one out there!
  3. Jeroeno_Boy
    Version: 1.0.0
    just to make up for the unfair 1*.........................
  4. GameModeOn
    Version: 1.0.0
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response