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  1. YoshYz
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.11

    Throwable Axe ( by YoshYz ) was an old idea project started more than two years ago in the bukkit forums by @GeekWithAChick.

    With the time the code as lost a lot of efficiency until it now doesn't work more , so i wanted to totally recode a new one to bring back this.

    • Skellett ( Just for the sounds support )
    • skQuery

    - Support for all types of axe
    - Different damage based in the type of the axe
    - Different range power based in the type of the axe
    - Double damage if the target was shooted in a distance more than 12 blocks.
    - Cooldown
    - Sounds

    Coded this just for fun and to make something different.
    Feel free to suggest me everything you want to be added.
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