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Script The Basic Skript 1.0.2

Skript, Chat Format, MOTD, Fake Maximum players, Welcome Message, Join Message, Leave Message

  1. gabyfig
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    Any bug ir suggestion tell me on discussion


      • Give a welcome message
      • Place a motd
      • Fake max players
      • Chat format
      • Join message
      • Join MoTD
      • Leave message
      • First join message
      • Enable or Disable freatures
    Future features:

      • Scoreboard (completed)
      • ActionBar (completed)
      • BossBar (completed only 1.9+)
      • Commands in game
      • GUI
      • ????????

    <5> ✔️

    if you used this skript in other versions of minecraft, let me know

    1. You are permitted to adjust co

    de to your liking but I do not support any damage you may cause while doing so.
    2. You are not permitted to sell, give or redistribute this skript as your own in any way.
    3. You can't claim this skript as your own.


    1. chat.jpg
    2. welcome.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. More Functions!!