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Addon ThatPacketAddon 1.0-BETA.3


  1. Tlatoani
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14
    ThatPacketAddon is a Skript addon that allows Skripters to manipulate packets. Packets are what Minecraft uses to send information between a server and client. By manipulating packets, you can change how players see your world beyond what's allowed by the Bukkit API, allowing you to create cool client-side effects like custom sign editors, fake explosions, custom multiplayer menu information, hidden blocks and entities per player, and much, much more!

    ThatPacketAddon requires ProtocolLib 4.4.0+ which can be downloaded here.

    ThatPacketAddon is built off of the packet features of MundoSK but also has newer and much easier to use packet field expression syntaxes.

    To get started, you should take a look at the tutorial!

    You should also check out ThatPacketAddon's website! Also, consider joining the Skript Chat Discord Server to discuss Tablisknu and other Skript addons in dedicated channels.

    If you find bugs or have certain feature requests, I highly recommend you create an issue on GitHub, as that will ensure that I can address your concern instead of it being buried by other posts/messages.
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Recent Updates

  1. BETA.3: Bug fix for 1.14

Recent Reviews

  1. _XxfedexX_
    Version: 1.0-BETA.3
    Very useful, works perfectly even with 1.16, don't listen to the hater who said it's trash!
    Keep updating!
  2. MrMysterious
    Version: 1.0-BETA.3
    This add-on is super useful, it helped me with so much, I don't know what I would do without it!
  3. Phe0X
    Version: 1.0-BETA.3
    This addon is so useful, it's easy to send packets & to analyze/edit them. I hope there will be an update with the new field / datawatcher field (Optionnal chat, sound name etc for example) but this is still a very powerfull addon !
  4. Govindas
    Version: 1.0-BETA.3
    This addon is truly AMAZING! it's so much easier than MundoSK, I can easily get packet stuff done with this finally and the most amazing thing it's compatible with MundoSK, so if you are already used to some of the hard MundoSK syntaxes, you can use them together with ThatPacketAddon's new syntaxes! no need to rewrite anything!