Text generation AI

Script Text generation AI 1.0

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.16
Use this AI to generate text!

  1. Learnable
  2. Works with any language
  3. Deep learning
  1. Put your learn text data in "set {_learn} to "Hello""
  2. Go in game.
  3. Do command /AI <first word> to start generating text.
Put alot of details in {_learn} to avoid repeating letters!
Terms of service:
● Do not redistribute script unless you have permission by the developer!
● Do not resell script.
● Do not recreate script.

( More updates coming soon! )

I post this code to avoid people stealing this.
This code was remade from python programming language:
i remade everything and added some features to make code working.

First release
Last update
2.33 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest reviews

At least give the original creator some credits,
Source of the Algo: https://www.educative.io/blog/deep-learning-text-generation-markov-chains
Bruh you need python knowledge + understanding what its doing to remake it. so dont tell me these stuff. I changed a tone of stuff inside of it to make it.
I remade these stuff in skript:
I literally code that myself. i just learned from this site + I read alot of sites not just this.
If i copied code or anything else sure i will. But this is code i remade from another language also i changed whole stuff inside it. It was hard process. Idk if you know how to code in python but it was really hard to remake it.
Thanks and i will respect you!
This script is advertised as utilising deep learning to produce text - but there is no neural network in sight. Language models and production of grammatically correct and meaningful text are difficult issues that are still being tackled today (case in point: GPL-3) and I don't think batman has written a revolutionary Skript language model in one (1) saturday afternoon.

Overall, this script doesn't seem to have a purpose and it does not work as advertised.
This script is based on Markov chain's algorithm.
As i researched Markov chain is deep learning. I would be appreciated if you give me link where that says its not machine learning or deep learning. Thanks for 3 star !
Code is quite terrible and it's doesn't function like AI which I wasn't expecting but still it's labelled as AI...
Thanks for one star.
I don't think its so bad. AI shouldn't be 100% best. I did alot of AI and this code is really good. Idk.
Thanks any way!