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Script TehCore 1.4

The perfect copy of the MinemenClub and InvadedLands core plugin made by TehNeon

  1. Redblock6
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    The perfect copy of the MinemenClub and InvadedLands core plugin.

    - Welcome message
    - Ability to change server versions fast
    - Scoreboard (Beta)
    - Basic core commands
    - /gm commands
    - Join sound

    - /store
    - /discord
    - /core_set [invaded or minemen or none]
    - /massay [message]
    - /f
    - /twitter
    - /ping
    - /website
    - /gmc
    - /gms
    - /gmsp
    - /gma
    - /setgameserver [kitpvp, hub]
    - /vanish [optional: player]

    tehcore.set - Allows you to set the core with /core_set
    tehcore.setgame - Allows you to set the gameserver with /setgameserver
    tehcore.vanish - Allows you to vanish using /vanish
    tehcore.gamemode.c - Allows you to use Creative
    tehcore.gamemode.a - Allows you to use Adventure
    tehcore.gamemode.sp - Allows you to use Spectator
    tehcore.gamemode.s - Allows you to use Survival
    tehcore.gamemode.other.c - Allows you to change the gamemode of other players to Creative
    tehcore.gamemode.other.a - Allows you to change the gamemode of other players to Adventure
    tehcore.gamemode.other.sp - Allows you to change the gamemode of other players to Spectator
    tehcore.gamemode.other.s - Allows you to change the gamemode of other players to Survival

    WildSkript - 1.8
    Skript - 2.1.2
    SkQuery - 3.21.4
    SkRayFall - 1.8
    Skellet - 1.9.6b
    skUtilities 0.9.0

    Rating the plugin would make my day!

Recent Updates

  1. 1.4 - Vanish
  2. 1.3 - Kitpvp Gamemode
  3. 1.2

Recent Reviews

  1. OOF
    Version: 1.4
    good script ngl, it just needs more up to date messages and such for commands such as /vanish
  2. AsuDev
    Version: 1.4
    This script is probably one of the most inefficient scripts I have ever seen. Why on earth would you use so many useless periodicals (every 1 tick). Not only are they really inefficient, you don't even need them to achieve what you want. I would suggest learning more about Skript before you release resources.
    1. Redblock6
      Author's Response
      The purpose of this Skript is for me and/or others to learn more about skript. I'm not trying to completeley copy tehneon's plugin hence why there are no GUI's in this Skript. And if you think I should improve something, bashing me isn't going to get you your way. Please post in the discussion on this Skript or PM me. I would appreciate it is you removed this review.
  3. SpeedTire
    Version: 1.2
    Good remake but could be better.
    on chat:
    cancel event

    can be changed to chat format
    and many others more
    1. Redblock6
      Author's Response
      Going to release an update adding that, and more.
  4. dnadany
    Version: 2020-03-29
    Every thought of separating them?
    - 4 Stars
    1. Redblock6
      Author's Response
      Seperating them?