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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.8
Copyright Rules:
- Don't remove "Plugin made by Sitieno14", "CREATED BY SITIENO14", "YOU CAN'T REMOVE THIS LINE" line and similar lines
- Don't sell this plugin
- You are free to share this plugin with anyone, but do not claim the plugin as yours

Skype: sitieno14

Please if you find a bug contact me on skype reporting it and i will fix it with a new version release
If you like this resource please leave a positive review!

Kick/Invite players to your team
- Open your team to all (All players can join without invite)
- List all open teams ^
- Admins can control teams with Admin Commands
- List of your team-mate
- Option to enable or disable friendly-fire
- Option to choose friendly fire advise message
- Option to enable or disable open commands
- Option to enable or disable list command
- External config.yml
- AutoUpdate

To do:
/team promote - Promote a player to Moderator that can invite/kick players from the team
- /team news - Last news of your team (example: if the team creator invite someone in the /team news you will read "Team Creator invited player")
- Password Team
- Auto-update system V
- More languages


- /team create name
- Create your team

- /team leave - Leave your team

- /team chat - Only your team can read the messages that you send when team chat is enabled
- /team invite name - Invite a player to your team
- /team deinvite - Cancel the player's invite
- /team kick name - Kick a player from your team
- /team join name - Join a team
- /team list - List of team mebers
- /team open - Anyone can join team without invite

- /team openlist - List of team in anyone can join without invite
Team Admin Commands:

- /teamadmin open name
- Force open a Team

- /teamadmin invite player team - Force invite a player to a Team
- /teamadmin reload - Reload config.yml file
- /teamadmin kick name - Force kick a player from a team
- /teamadmin join name - Force join a team without invite
- /teamadmin delete name - Delete a Team

- /teamadmin list - List of all teams
- /team invite
- Team Creator
- /team deinvite - Team Creator
- /team kick - Team Creator
- /team join - Invited to the Team by Team Creator
- /team open - Team Creator
- team.admin - Needed to use team admin commands
- teamadmin.reload - Needed for reloading config.yml file
- teamchat.spy - Needed for spy all team' chat messages
Server that use this plugin:
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