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Script TCE Maker b.0.1.1-P8R8KrVn

Allows you to make TuSKe Custom Enchantments with simple commands.

  1. KingAlterIV
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Note: This is old and probably unstable now. Use at your own risk. (04/04/2019)

    TCE Maker is a skript that allows you to make TuSKe Custom Enchantments by using a command.

    Plugin Requirements

    This will remove your comments from the config, leaving it blank like using the /kit create command on EssentialsX, or the KitAdder plugin.
    This is the enchantments config before the usage of the command.
    This is the enchantments config after using the command.

    The command(s) are
    # This command will allow you to make a enchantment name.
    /ench make <enchantment>

    # This will allow you to edit the description, maxlevel, rarity, accepteditems, or enable it.
    /ench edit <enchantment> <description/maxlevel/rarity/accepteditems/enabled> <text/integer/boolean>

    # This will give you information of the enchantment, including its name, description, maxlevel, rarity, accepted items, and if its enabled.
    /ench info <enchantment>

    # This will make the enchantment name.
    /ench make Example

    # The description will be set to the text input.
    /ench edit Example description Hey, this is a example command

    # The max level will be set to the number input.
    /ench edit Example maxlevel 5

    # The rarity will be set to the number input.
    /ench edit Example rarity 5

    # The accepted items will be set to the item input
    # For now, you can only set one accepted items, but you'll be able to set more than one soon.
    /ench edit Example accepteditems boots

    # This will enable your custom enchantment. After that, you just need to run this command "/tuske reload enchantments".
    /ench edit Example enabled true

    Commands usage

    /ench commands

    Command errors
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Recent Updates

  1. b.0.1.1-P8R8KrVn (small fix)