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Script TablistManager 1.1

TablistManager is a tablist tool that allows you to easily edit and manage your tablist.

  1. Update 1.1

    • This version has been tested with Minecraft 1.19.3 and Skript 2.6.4
    • Added a new command /tablist update <player> so you can update tablist for a specific player, without a player name you will update your own tablist
    • Added placeholder list to help section
    • Added money placeholder {money} (require CMI or Essentials for it to work)
    • Added player display name placeholder {displayname}
    • Added staff online placeholder {OnlineStaff} all staff members need to have tablistmanager.staff permission
    • Better player color name handling in tablist
    • Improved design and tooltips in the help section
    • Improved the default tablist example
    • Removed /tablist help command, from now on type /tablist to see the help section and /tablist update for the tablist to update
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