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    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15


    1. Easy and efficient to use, even if you are just a beginner as a server owner.
    2. Easy to configure, but with the possibility to make it more advanced.
    3. No lag, for you or your server.
    4. Support for maximum java-64 bit integer.
    5. Support for decimals.
    6. Easy to use withdraw command with intractable coins.
    7. Support for Placeholders, for more see the about section.
    8. Small in file size. (7.18 KB or 7.361 bytes)
    9. Friendly developer ready to tackle bugs.
    10. More features coming over the next few days.

    Below are the server requirements for this Skript to function.
    This has not been tested on older versions! All download links for required addons are in the .sk file included.

    • Skript 2.5-alpha3 (Bensku's Fork)
    • skript-mirror 2.0.0
    • SkBee 1.3.3

    Have you ever wanted a second economy option and not just using cash ($). Well here's the plugin for you adding a virtual second economy base called coins!
    But what makes this Skript special than other coin skripts? Well, The code is even more cleaner and even though the config can be simple, it can be even more advanced! What's even better as well is the no lag what so ever and small file sizes.

    This also doesn't just allow other plugins to use the commands but also has a placeholder for big plugins such as

    If you are interested in this Skript, Please consider purchasing and I guarantee you won't regret it! This is my first public Skript so please Enjoy!