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Script Static AntiCheat || Tons of Detections || NEW 1.28

A Skript AntiCheat with 48+ Detections made over the course of a month

  1. Etho
    frogsmasha (Etho)
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12

    What is Static AntiCheat? Static AntiCheat is a project I had about a month ago so i started working on it as here it is its SEMI stable and has Good Reach + Killaura Detection

    This will probably not be updated as i will probably be working on a new AntiCheat with skript

    Skript 2.2-dev36
    SkQuery 3.6.0
    MundoSK 1.8.5
    Ersatz 1.0
    Tuske 1.8.2 Patch-3

    Automaticaly tells you when it needs to be updated
    Detection Logs
    VPN Blockage
    Static GUI

    Anticheat Detections

    # Log Creation
    # Sneak
    # Flight
    # Flight2
    # Flight Stop
    # Speed
    # Speed2
    # Speed Stop
    # AntiKB1
    # AntiKB2
    # Fast Place
    # AutoSteal
    # NoFall v1
    # NoFall v2
    # Regen
    # Bhop
    # Bhop Speed
    # Jesus
    # MultiAura
    # No Slowdown
    # Anti-VPN
    # AutoClicker
    # FastBow
    # AutoTool
    # FastEat
    # Regen
    # Criticals
    # AutoBlock
    # InventoryMove
    # Blink
    # Report
    # Static GUI
    # AntiCactus
    # Vclip
    # Reach (# ~ God Level Reach Detection ~ #) (1.8 - 1.12.2 TESTED)
    # Killaura (# ~ Semi-God Level Aura Detection ~ #) (1.8 - 1.12.2 TESTED)
    # Clear (# ~ Clear For Reach/Aura ~ #)

    Enjoy - Frogsmasha (Etho)

    # For the rest of the downloaders I understand that this anticheat is not the best nor did i put time into it fully I ran off of no sleep making this anticheat & im very sorry for this. I Will be making a new anticheat very soon with upgraded checks (That actually work) here are some clients i'm using to test it also each cheat detection will be polished and have a better Config then static
    - Sigma
    - LiquidBounce
    - Wurst
    - Remix


    1. StaticMainPicture.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Apahllo
    Version: 1.28
    I hate how I have to download something to leave a review, because just by looking at the parser, I can tell almost 90% of your checks will false flag somehow. I can also identify the skidded checks because of the differences in syntax through your other checks and the skidded checks. You shouldn't be releasing an anti-cheat, even if it's for fun or for real, these false flags could cause horrific situations on people's servers.
    1. Etho
      Author's Response
      Yes yes, You are very correct in how some parts of this anticheat are skidded(taken). And Yes I Do agree that Static flags way to much and I do not recommend using it at all.
  2. Govindas
    Version: 1.28
    on any movement:
    loop all players:
    set {server.tps} to placeholder "server_tps"

  3. Wizzardr
    Version: 1.28
    Well, firstable every check in your anticheat is falsable and easily.
    You are using timespans in skript with makes the server lag and alot for example, 1 wait is using 50 times more cpu usage than an on any move event in average.

    Btw, improve yourself.
  4. Efnilite
    Version: 1.28
    Oh boy this is a mess.

    First off, this uses retarded coding conventions, such as using "true" instead of true (an actual boolean). Second, a lot of the checks don't even work properly. You have code where you set a local variable to true, and in the next event you check if that local variable is true, but you don't set in the current event, meaning it's automatically null, since local vars get deleted once the event is over. Third, you stole the AntiVPN section. You went from using . as seperators for vars to list seperators, and the skill ceiling of the AntiVPN code is wayy above the rest.

    If you're gonna make an anti cheat, test it properly :D