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Script [Stalled] DiscordFun - Have fun with Discord's API 1.0

Discord Fun using Vixio

  1. Simuciokas
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12
    Will not be updated as per Discord ToS, usage of their API usage on a non-bot account is not allowed.


    Game change
    picks a random element from a file named "tags.txt" which you should create outside of the plugins folder, next to your Spigot jar file (will add creation and default values in later versions)

    - Game change:
    - Word after word
    - Symbol by Symbol
    - Customizable wait times
    - Debug messages

    (to add)
    - Profile Picture change:
    - Every set amount of time to change a picture (>10min)

    (to add)
    - Math evaluation:
    - Using a command to evaluate written math stuff (with Bensku's math functions)

    (more soon)

    - Skript 2.2 (bensku's dev25 or dev32c recommended)
    - Vixio 1.1.5 or later (Discord)
    - SkUtillities 0.9.0 or later (to read from file)

    - SkQuery 3.6.0 Lime or later (Optional in main, mandatory in SkQuery's version of this script)

    Other versions of this script

    - > DiscordFunNoDebug
    NoDebug uses the least possible amount of disk space and improves load time. NoDebug 4.225KB compared to main 6.556KB

    - > DiscordFunSkQuery
    SkQuery allows to save up some disk space. SkQuery 6.406KB compared to main 6.556KB

    Additional stuff

    Example tags.txt file (Contains some vulgar words)

    - discordfun.debug #allows to see debug messages if enabled

    Discord contact info:

    For suggestions, bugs and ideas Private Message me on Discord, SkUnity, Spigot or in the script's Discussions

    Terms of use

    You are allowed to edit the script
    You are allowed to redistribute it with no cost or ad-wall
    You are not allowed to sell this script
    You are not allowed to upload this script behind an ad-wall

Recent Reviews

  1. iDarkyy
    Version: 1.0
    sucks im going to resell it ha ha ha ha
    not good i rated 5 starts coz idk idc
    see ya later
    btw tell me on discord when you see it