Script StaffChatSk 1.0

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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.15
  2. 1.16
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A simple script that allows you to talk with your staff team! There are two chats you can talk in. The first one is the normal staffchat. This chat is for ALL staff members. The second one is adminchat. This chat is for staff who are admin rank or higher. As well, you can enable it so every time you talk, your message automatically sends to only people with the permission to chat in staffchat/adminchat.
- /staffchat (/sc) | enables or disables messages automatically getting sent to other staff members without doing the command
- /adminchat (/ac) | the same thing for /staffchat, but for admins or higher
- /staffchat | sends a message to the staff team without enabling auto sending
- /adminchat | same thing as /staffchat, but for admins or higher​
First release
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3.00 star(s) 1 ratings

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Latest reviews

Seems to do as advertised, but there's a few things I'd change
- Namespace your variables. For example {staffchatsk.staffchat::*} instead of just {staffchat::*}.
- Use lists. Lists are wonderful and make the lives of both you and the end-user much easier. In a lot of cases, using lists can be done simply by replacing . with :: - Lists provide all kinds of useful features, such as getting or clearing all elements of a list
- Use UUIDs. Names can be changed by the player, which is both a vulnerability and storage issue. UUIDs persist through name changes, and in most cases, you can easily replace %player% with %player's uuid% and have your script remain unaffected (except better).

Overall, although there's some things I'd change, it's an alright script and it has potential. Keep going! :)
Thanks! I'll try and improve my future scripts.