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Script SpawnerStack Beta 1

Stack your spawners, save some space!

  1. ShaneBee
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12

    SpawnerStack allows your players to collect spawners and stack them, saving space and allowing them to get more mobs.

    When a player first places a spawner, they will see a hologram letting them know which spawner it is, and which level. As they place more spawners, they will stack together and the hologram will update to reflect how many spawners are stacked.

    As of right now there is no built in store, but there is a command which you can easily give yourself spawners and put them in your shop, or even in your vote crates. The spawner give command can also be used in console or by other plugins.

    This version is my first BETA release. So please be patient as there is most likely some bugs. I will do my best to keep fixing them as they are brought to my attention.

    Dependancies: (Sorry this list is so long)
    Skript [Tested on Bensku 2.2dev37c]
    + HolographicDisplays

    /spawner - Shows the menu with all the available commands
    /spawner give - Give spawners to yourself or players (Has variables for selecting size of spawner)
    /spawner locate - Locate players active spawners and TP to them
    /spawner reload - Reload the config

    spawnerstack.pickup.natural - Allows players to pickup naturally generated spawners with a silk touch pick, similar to SilkSpawners
    spawnerstack.pickup.own - Allows players to pickup spawners they own with a silk touch pick
    spawnerstack.place - Allows players to place down SpawnerStack spawners
    spawnerstack.admin - Admin commands to give spawners, locate spawners, and reload the config

    1) Install Skript if you haven't already done so
    2) Install all dependancies as per instructions of said add-on
    3) Place this Skript in your plugins/Skript/scripts folder (If this folder doesn't exists, restart your server)
    4) Run /sk reload scripts
    5) You will find the config in plugins/SpawnerStack/ ... here you can change a whole bunch of variables for how you would like your spawners to work.
    6) Make sure to give your players/staff the appropriate permissions.
    7) ENJOY!

    Please do not use reviews for help. If you post in reviews for support you will not receive support, as I can only reply to your review, and not have a conversation back and forth.

    Terms of Service:
    Please do not edit any of the lines within the Skript itself. Doing so will cause you to lose all support. The config file is there for you to change a bunch of things.
    Copying and reposting this resource on any other medium is NOT allowed. Doing so will get you reported on said website, and you risk being punished by said website.

    Please use the discussion area for support, I will do my best to help.

    Feel free to donate if you would like :emoji_slight_smile: Any support helps out
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