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Addon SkWrapper 3.0.8

The Best wrapper for BungeeCord systems

  1. You don't need eula.txt and server.properties anymore, the port is now automatically generated too

    You don't need eula.txt and server.properties anymore, the port is now automatically generated too
  2. Fixed startall and stopall check

    Fixed startall and stopall start server if already started or stop server if already stopped
  3. Fallback server config and jar executing for each template

    Spigot jar is now executed from each template directory
    Added server-lobby in config to set the server name where the player will be redirected if a server is down (lobby by default)
    You can also acces the API, here is an example:
    Code (Text):
    1. ServersManager.getInstance().createServer(TemplatesManager.TemplateInfo templateInfo, String string)
    2. String server = "test_server";
    3. String template = "lobby";
    4.             TemplateInfo tp = TemplatesManager.getInstance().getTemplate(template);...
  4. Fixed error spam in console

    Fixed error spam in console
  5. Updated version check system and fixed class cast for objects

    Updated version check system and fixed class cast for objects, please use the same version as SkWaze if you are using it !
    Example code:
    Code (Text):
    1. command /test:
    2.     trigger:
    3.         set network variable {mdr} to 5
    4.         set network variable {player} to player's name
    5.         set {add} to network variable {mdr}
    6.         set network variable {servers::*} to bungee server list
    7.         send "Avant: %network variable {mdr}%" to player
    8.         set {player} to network variable {player}
    9.         send...
  6. Updated to support latest SkWaze

    Updated to support latest SkWaze, set use-skwrapper in SkWaze config.yml file to use SkWrapper with it.
  7. Improved variables management

    Improved variable management, variables can now support basic objects like string, int, arraylist, ...
    Variables are no longer stored in local, they are only accessed from bungeecord
    Here is an example of how to use the new variable system:
  8. Changed communication system to packets and added a lot of new proxy effects

    Added a new communication system based on sockets (no plugin message anymore), wich means that your servers and proxy doesn't need to be on the same server
    Added a lot of new proxy effects:
    Code (Text):
    1. [waze] send network message %string% to proxy players
    2. [waze] send network message %string% to %players%
    3. [waze] send network title %string% [with] subtitle %string% (to|for) proxy players (for|to) %integer% second[s]
    4. [waze] send network title %string% [with] subtitle %string% (to|for) %players%...
  9. Windows support and a lot of news !

    Added support for Windows servers
    Fixed linux start and stop error
    Added /greload support (servers stay in memory of BungeeCord)
    Added Redirect to lobby server on Kick Listener
    Added auto-refresh templates folder every minutes
    Added Player Server Connect Event for SkWaze
    Fixed Network Variables Parsing for SkWaze
    If you update this plugin, please delete your config.yml file
  10. Fixed some errors

    Fixed some errors