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Addon SkWrapper 1.0.0

The Best wrapper for BungeeCord systems

  1. Weefle
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16
    is a simple premium wrapper for your BungeeCord system, it will help you to manage server's creation and deletion the way you want it. (It's a BungeeCord plugin)
    This is an independent plugin that can be used as addon for Skript with the free SkWaze addon: https://forums.skunity.com/resources/skwaze.344/
    SkWaze will send the commands you want to execute to SkWrapper on your BungeeCord system.
    Also your servers need to be on the same machine of your BungeeCord.
    First you need a linux (no support for Windows server now) VPS with at least 2GB of ram ! (with screen and Java 8 installed)
    1) Put SkWrapper.jar in your BungeeCord plugins directory
    2) Start your BungeeCord and stop it after to generate files for SkWrapper
    3) Add your spigot.jar in the SkWrapper directory created
    4) Create a new template in the templates directory
    5) Start your BungeeCord again or do /skw refresh to refresh templates forlder
    6) Don't forget to create a lobby server with SkWaze and Skript to execute your main commands at the beginning. (if you want to use this plugin as an addon of skript)
    7) Set enable-skwaze to true in the config.properties of SkWrapper if you want to send data accross your BungeeCord. (if you want to use this plugin as an addon of skript)
    8) Set the server-name option in the server.properties of your lobby server to the name you entered for this lobby in bungeecord config <= very important !
    9) That's all! you can modify if you want the configuration files and the ram for each template in templates.yml (512MB by default for each server).
    Code (Text):
    1. /skw start [template_name] [server_name]
    2. /skw stop [template_name] [server_name]
    3. /skw delete <template_name> <server_name>
    4. /skw refresh
    5. /skw show
    6. /skw stopall
    7. /skw stopallfromtemplate <template_name>
    8. /skw startall
    9. /skw startallfromtemplate <template_name>
    10. Permissions: skwrapper.use
    Code (Text):
    1. [waze] (add|create) [[a] new] [skwrapper] server named %string% (from|with) template %string%
    2. [waze] (start|begin) [skwrapper] server named %string% (from|with) template %string%
    3. [waze] (stop|end) [skwrapper] server named %string% (from|with) template %string%
    4. [waze] (remove|delete) [skwrapper] server named %string% (from|with) template %string%
    5. [waze] (send|teleport) %players% to [bungee[cord]] server %string%
    6. [waze] (stop|end|shut[ ]down) [skwrapper] proxy [server]
    7. [waze] refresh [all] [skwrapper] server templates
    8. [waze] (start|begin) all [skwrapper] servers
    9. [waze] (start|begin) all [skwrapper] servers from template %string%
    10. [waze] (stop|end) all [skwrapper] servers
    11. [waze] (stop|end) all [skwrapper] servers from template %string%[/FONT]
    Code (Text):
    2. [waze] [number of] online player[s] on bungee[cord]
    3. [waze] [bungee[cord]] server[s] list, [waze] [bungee[cord]] list of server[s]
    4. [waze] [bungee[cord]] %player% server", "[waze] [bungee[cord]] server of %player%
    5. [skwrapper] (global|network) variable [(from|of)] %object%
    Code (Text):
    1. [skwrapper] server %string% is online


    Code (Text):
    1. #Here is the main configuration for SkWrapper
    2. prefix: '&cSkWrapper> '
    3. server-jar: spigot.jar
    4. templates-location: ./templates
    5. servers-location: ./servers
    6. next-port: 26000
    7. #That is all, just have fun with SkWrapper! :D

    If you need help, just report it here.
    Or contact me on Discord: Weefle#2074
    To do:
    ✘: Not featured
    ✔: Already featured
    ⌛: Working on

    - add delete effect to delete a server from the online list ✔
    - some ameliorations ✔
    - add expression to get the list of online servers ✔
    - added own communication system ✔
    - your ideas ⌛

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