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Haven't posted in a while...but that doesn't mean I haven't been working on it on and off, lately! Version 1.3 has rolled out, with some brand-new features that I have yet to post on my website (by the time you read this, it might already be done, but I cannot guarantee that)

NOTE: for any of the commands in this file, you can use /skworth: in front and it will still run. Examples:
  • /skworth:skworthupdate
    • Check for updates to script
  • /skworth:skworthconfig
    • View config in-game or in console
  • /skworth:skworth
    • View purchase price of an item
    • Will also show its selling price (requires use of the /sell command, not included with this script - requires Essentials or a Vault-compatible economy plugin with such a feature)
  • /skworth:skbuy
    • Purchase an item

What's New in v1.3
New Config Options
  • check-for-updates
    • Enable the script's update checker
    • Values: boolean (true/false)
    • Default value: true
  • use-op-perm
    • Enables the use of server operator status to use admin commands (note: give users the skworth.* permission to bypass command permission checks)
    • This method is not recommended
    • Values: boolean (true/false)
    • Default value: false
  • rounding
    • Tell the script how you want the item prices to be rounded
    • This value is only used if using player's level (the player's experience/xp levels) as server currency
    • Values: text (normal/up/down)
    • Default value: up
New Features
  • Added aliases for "/skworthconfig"
  • Added command "/skworthupdate" to manually check for updates
    This script will automatically check for updates on loads/reloads
  • Added ability to use player's experience level (known to Skript as player's level or level of player) as server currency
  • Added new message format when using experience levels instead of economy currencies (instead of "$" will append "xp level(s)" to purchase/worth messages)
  • Added ability for server operators to have access to all commands, negating the need for permissions (not recommended, but now possible)
  • Enabled use of server operator status to run "admin" commands (normal players will not need to have permissions to run "regular" commands)
  • Added update checker and ability to toggle update checker on/of in configuration (not in-game) (feature can be disabled, and still be possible to check for updates using the in-game command)
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed certain messages still sending to console despite "notify-console" and/or "console-startup" being false
  • Fixed/Changed some verbiage in script file
  • Altered script code to use spaces for indentation (some server hosts and control panels convert tabs to spaces when editing files using the host's file manager, SparkedHost and the Pterodactyl Control Panel being examples)
  • Properly added check to see if player has permission before seeing the value of an item (woops)
  • Changed "on load" to "on script load" so the file can fix itself and reload the item prices on a Skript/script reload
  • Fixed bug where the script disables itself (working as intended) but some features still try to run
Code re-worked slightly, bringing these fixes:
  • Added message if balance management is not player's balance but rather a skript variable
  • Fixed bug where skript says it can't parse a particular message; message will still be displayed if you don't use skript-yaml but has no effect on the script working
  • Added extra check to see if loop-player has permission (before, it would send admins the player item purchase message regardless if the notify option was set to false)
  • Fixed skbuy and skworth commands to properly accept spaces with item names
    • Example: /skworth stone sword 1 in my case would return 0 and 0 instead of 0.5 and 5
Changes to code:
  • Script no longer requires plugin skript-yaml
    • While not required, it makes yaml-handling better by adding the yml file to the server's cache (automatically deleted on server shutdown)
    • Added option to reflect this change
  • Discovered better method to see "config" options, removing certain quotation marks from those options
  • Updated script-load message to include version
Changed name of configurable options to make more sense:
  • space now known as inventory-space
  • permSell now known as item-purchase-permission
  • permWorth now known as item-worth-permission
  • "worth" is now known as just worth (removed quotes)
Added new options:
  • notify-admins (boolean)
    • Set this to true if you want admins to see item purchase notifications in-game from players using the /buy command
    • Default value: true
  • notify-console (boolean)
    • Set this to true if you want the server console to be sent item purchase notifications from players using the /buy command
    • Default value: true
  • version (integer)
    • This is an unconfigurable option used to display what version of the script you are using
    • Default value: n/a (changes each time there is an update)
  • use-skript-yaml (boolean)
    • It seems some server hosts do not allow jars to be uploaded and don't have certain plugins (one being skript-yaml); because of thie, I have made it so the script uses SkQuery's yaml handler by default
    • Set this value to true if you want to use the skript-yaml plugin's better yaml-handling method instead of SkQuery's.
    • Default value: false
Added command /skworthconfig
  • Used to see config values in-game
  • Can ONLY be used by players
Other things changed/fixed
  • Updated wiki to reflect config changes
  • Fixed typos and grammar errors