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Addon SkWaze 3.0.9

The coolest Skript's addon

  1. Changed communication system to packets and added a lot of new proxy effects

    Added a new communication system based on sockets (no plugin message anymore), wich means that your servers and proxy doesn't need to be on the same server
    Added a lot of new proxy effects:
    Code (Text):
    1. [waze] send network message %string% to proxy players
    2. [waze] send network message %string% to %players%
    3. [waze] send network title %string% [with] subtitle %string% (to|for) proxy players (for|to) %integer% second[s]
    4. [waze] send network title %string% [with] subtitle %string% (to|for) %players% (for|to) %integer% second[s]
    5. [waze] run proxy command %string%
    6. [waze] send network actionbar %string% to proxy players
    7. [waze] send network actionbar %string% to %players%
    Removed player join proxy event (useless, can be replaced by basic player join event on server and then execute a global broadcast to all proxy players with new proxy effects)
    This new system is less resource intensive
    Code example:
    Code (Text):
    1. command /test:
    2.     trigger:
    3.         set network variable {mdr} to 5
    4.         set network variable {player} to player's name
    5.         set {add} to {mdr} parsed as integer + 1
    6.         set network variable {servers} to bungee server list
    7.         send message "Avant: %{mdr}%" to player
    8.         send message "Apres: %{add}%" to {player} parsed as player
    9.         set {servers} to "%{servers}%,yo"
    10.         send "%{servers}%" to player
    11.         #send "%bungee server list%" to player
    12.         set {number} to online player on bungee
    13.         send "%{number}%" to player
    14. on player join:
    15.     send network message "Salut %event-player% bienvenue sur le serveur Waze" to proxy players
    16.     send network title "Salut %event-player%" with subtitle "Bienvenue sur le serveur Waze" to proxy players for 1 second
    17.     send network actionbar "Salut %event-player%" to proxy players
    18.     run proxy command "alert Hello %event-player%"
    19. on horse jump:
    20.     broadcast "Mdr %event-entity% a sauté"
    21. on toggle swim:
    22.     broadcast "%event-player% nage"
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