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Addon Skungee - The proxy addon for Skript 2.0.0-BETA-4

A Skript addon that allows for full control over your proxy.

  1. 1.0.12 The long anticipated update


    Version: 1.0.12


    • Fixed Skungee current server of player not working. (#46 Thanks Melinstagibson)
    • Events are now properly handled in async.
    • Fixed the disconnect packet not being sent due to Skungee being disabled at same time.
    • Fixed a Skungee timeout crash. Skungee now handles everything in 5 seconds or else handles the packet as a missed packet.
    • Fixed Skungee NullPointer on startup and disable. (#121 Thanks Bloggy)
    • Fixed a bug where Spigot Skungee would ignore packets if the Bungee Skungee said it's connected already.
    • Cleaned up some console messages and debug messages.
    • Received packet debug is now included in the ignored packets configuration node list.
    • A bunch of code optimizations on the Skungee Protocol and some code cleaning.
    • Fixed issues with the receiver on startup.
    • Changed how the packet queue works.
    • Skungee properly handles async getting now.
    • Cleaned up some configuration values and nodes, aswell as making some comments more clear to understand.
    • Updated Github.
    • Updated all dependencies to latest.
    • Updated gradle wrapper.
    • Added configuration node "bungeecord-keep-alive-delay" on Spigot Skungee which defines the delay before the keep alive task starts after the Bungeecord crashes.
    • Added a database for internal syntax, let us know by making an issue feature suggestion on our Github for neat syntax.
    • With the new database, Skungee has added a play time tracker, Skungee is always tracking the player's play time.
      • Code (Text):
        1. [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] play[ ]time [(of|for|on) servers %strings%] (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%
        3. %strings/players%['s] [(player|uuid)[s]] bungee[[ ]cord] play[ ]time [(of|for|on) servers %strings%]
    • Custom packets in the Skungee API. https://github.com/Skungee/Skungee/wiki/Using-the-Skungee-API
    • This update has been in the works since November, and there was lots changed (2k additions), list of file changes can be found here https://github.com/Skungee/Skungee/compare/1.0.11...master#files_bucket
    • The config.yml will reset on updating, old configurations will be moved to their own folder, make sure to reset the values from the old configuration into the new configuration.
    • You need to install this update on both the Spigot servers and Bungeecord servers.
    • If you find any bugs, please notify a Skungee developer with all the information you can provide, errors, your code, the versions of the servers and Skungee etc at the issues link below.
    • Source code at: https://github.com/Skungee/Skungee
    • Skungee progress can be viewed at https://github.com/Skungee/Skungee/projects
    • Skungee bugs can be reported at https://github.com/Skungee/Skungee/issues
    • If you feel like donating to this free project you can do so by clicking the button below, much love.
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