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Addon Skungee - The proxy addon for Skript 2.0.0-BETA-3

A Skript addon that allows for full control over your proxy.

  1. Events, as last!


    Version: 1.0.6 and 1.0.6a update log


    • Events now actually work! There was a strange bug within Skript and some syntax, that I still have no clue why it happens. Either way I changed the syntax up and now they work. The event syntax are below in the syntax section.​
    • Added ProxyPingEvent (Ping event) this means you can now change the motd, icon, players, bungee version (client side) and version name.[​IMG]
    (There is also a hover message but the client doesn't screenshot it for some reason)
    • Added configuration node to enable ServerInstances, this does nothing without having bought and downloaded ServerInstances.
    • Oh was ServerInstances introduced yet? Here is a briefing of what ServerInstances is, ServerInstances is a premium expansion to Skungee by @LimeGlass that allows users to create custom servers on the fly like a player server system or a cloud network. Here is an example:
    • You may find more information about ServerInstances at it's main page: https://forums.skunity.com/resources/serverinstances.516/ If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to use our discussion section or private message LimeGlass the main developer of Skungee on Discord, SkUnity forums or Spigot.
    • Built a Sections API this is basically scopes but my own take, it's just a library right now that anyone can use if they please.
    • Added complex event values that may or may not work, they worked during our testing but report anything that may not work. These event values work on the three new events.
    • Stole some deep fried bananas from @Gatt <3
    • Fixed a bug where Skungee wouldn't send a DISCONNECT packet before a Spigot server crashed or was stopped. This significantly helps the Bungeecord Skungee understand when servers goes offline, although it has an automatic cache system to guess.
    • Fixed events
    • The last uploaded version was not 1.0.6 apparently, I don't know if the coding was or not, but the plugin.yml was not and so thus strange things happened. This is 1.0.6a. Sorry about that.
    • Fixed some ServerInstance things.
    • Localhost never worked for some servers for some reason, Java is weird, Skungee now checks all possible Network setups.
    • Cleaned up some packet stuff and made custom internal packets.
    • Added an internal shutdown system for Skungee to manage Spigot servers if the user has requested or something happened to that server.
    • Fixed some grammar issues in error messages and configurations.
    • Removed the TestListener which was a debug system for the events that never worked.
    Code (Skript):
    1. #Events
    2. [on] bungee[[ ]cord] disconnect
    3.     [(all [[of] the]|the)] event (skungee|bungee[[ ]cord]) player[s]
    5.     [(all [[of] the]|the)] event (skungee|bungee[[ ]cord]) server[s]
    7. [on] bungee[[ ]cord] [server list] ping
    8.     (ping|server list|event) bungee[[ ]cord] (motd|description)
    9.     bungee[[ ]cord] (ping|server list|event) (motd|description)
    11.     (ping|server list|event) bungee[[ ]cord] (favicon|icon|image)
    12.     bungee[[ ]cord] (ping|server list|event) (favicon|icon|image)
    14.     (ping|server list|event) bungee[[ ]cord] [listed ]player(s| list)
    15.     bungee[[ ]cord] (ping|server list|event) [listed ]player(s| list)
    17.     (ping|server list|event) bungee[[ ]cord] (version|protocol) [(1¦name|2¦(protocol|number))]
    18.     bungee[[ ]cord] (ping|server list|event) (version|protocol) [(1¦name|2¦(protocol|number))]
    20. [on] [player] switching of server[s] [to %string%]
    21. [on] [player] switch server[s] [to %string%]
    22. [on] [player] server switch [to %string%]
    23.     [(all [[of] the]|the)] event (skungee|bungee[[ ]cord]) player[s]
    25.     [(all [[of] the]|the)] event (skungee|bungee[[ ]cord]) server[s]
    27. #Effects
    28. (stop|shutdown) bungee[[ ]cord] server[s] %strings%
    Example script:
    Code (Skript):
    1. on bungeecord ping:
    2.     broadcast "%bungeecord event motd%"
    3.     set bungeecord event motd to "     &e(     &e&l&n    Deep fried bananas!   &r     &e)\n           &b\\         &6Second line           &b//"
    4.     broadcast "%bungeecord server list version%"
    5.     broadcast "%bungeecord server list version protocol%"
    6.     broadcast "%bungeecord server list version name%"
    7.     #protocol 1 represents the latest protocol, meaning the client should usually be out of date, allowing for the protocol name to be set and viewed.
    8.     set bungeecord server list version protocol to 1
    9.     broadcast "%bungeecord server list version protocol%"
    10.     set bungeecord server list version name to "&b&lRate Skungee 5 stars"
    11.     broadcast "%bungeecord server list version name%"
    12.     set bungeecord server list favicon to "C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\testing\Skungee.png"
    13.     #Some random 64x64 icon, use imgur if your images aren't working.
    14.     #set bungeecord server list favicon to "https://i.imgur.com/mybV0I6.jpg"
    15.     broadcast "%bungeecord server list players%"
    16.     #add "&6Hey how are you", "This is pretty &b&lDOPE" and "&1Thanks" to bungeecord server list players
    17.     set bungeecord server list players to "&6Hey how are you", "This is pretty &b&lDOPE", "&bSkungee is the love of my life", "--------------------------------", "&5Join our server at example.com idk", "--------------------------------", "" and "LimeGlass" parsed as offlineplayer
    18.     #reset bungeecord server list players
    19. on player switch servers:
    20.    broadcast "&4testttttttttttt"
    21.    broadcast "&4%event bungeecord player%"
    22.    broadcast "&4%event bungeecord server%"
    23. on bungeecord disconnect:
    24.    broadcast "&ctest"
    25.    broadcast "&c%event bungeecord player%"
    26.    broadcast "&c%event bungeecord server%"
    27. command /testing <string>:
    28.    trigger:
    29.        if bungeecord server argument is online:
    30.            broadcast "yes"
    31.        else:
    32.            broadcast "no"
    There is 1 new Configuration node in this update.

    • The config.yml will reset on updating, so make sure you have saved your valuable configuration options.
    • You need to install this update on both the Spigot servers and Bungeecord servers.
    • If you find any bugs, please notify a Skungee developer with all the information you can provide, errors, your code, the versions of the servers and Skungee etc
    • Source code at: https://github.com/TheLimeGlass/Skungee
    • Skungee progress can be viewed at https://github.com/TheLimeGlass/Skungee/projects
    • Skungee bugs can be reported at https://github.com/TheLimeGlass/Skungee/issues
    • If you feel like donating to this free project you can do so by clicking the button below, much love.
    • Enjoy
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