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Addon Skungee - The proxy addon for Skript 2.0.0-BETA-4

A Skript addon that allows for full control over your proxy.

  1. Bug fixes


    Version: 1.0.7e


    • Moved some handle methods into their own handler classes.
    • Did some internal cleaning.
    • GlobalScripts were getting loaded and reloaded asynchronously which caused some unexpected behavior but always worked eventually.
    • Fixed the event-values not working.
    • Fixed the player online condition not working sometimes.

    Let me know any suggestions you may have, Skungee has nearly 95% of the Bungeecord API implemented and Skungee has a packet listener system, so anything can be possible, even if it's not in the Bungeecord API. I just need some suggestions, you may do so at the Github https://github.com/TheLimeGlass/Skungee

    • The config.yml will reset on updating, so make sure you have saved your valuable configuration options.
    • You need to install this update on both the Spigot servers and Bungeecord servers.
    • If you find any bugs, please notify a Skungee developer with all the information you can provide, errors, your code, the versions of the servers and Skungee etc
    • Source code at: https://github.com/TheLimeGlass/Skungee
    • Skungee progress can be viewed at https://github.com/TheLimeGlass/Skungee/projects
    • Skungee bugs can be reported at https://github.com/TheLimeGlass/Skungee/issues
    • If you feel like donating to this free project you can do so by clicking the button below, much love.
    • Enjoy :emoji_grinning:
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