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Addon Skungee - #1 Bungeecord addon for Skript 1.0.3c

A Skript addon that allows for full control over the Bungeecord

  1. LimeGlass
    Dominic, Sashie
    Skungee is the #1 Skript Bungeecord addon that gives full control over your entire Bungeecord.


    1.) Place Skungee in your Bungeecord plugins folder and restart Bungeecord.
    2.) Install Skungee on every other server connected to this Bungeecord that you want Skript support for, then restart those servers.
    3.) Configure the Skungee.yml found at plugins/Skungee/config.yml to match the same port as the Skungee config found in the Bungeecord plugin folder. The Host option in the config.yml on the spigot servers should match the IP of your Bungeecord (Excluding the ip port)

    Skungee installation tutorial video:


    Code (Skript):
    1. Syntax:
    2.   Expressions:
    3.     ExprBungeeServerWhitelisted:
    4.       enabled: true
    5.       description: Returns the whitelisted players(s) of the defined Bungeecord server(s).
    6.       syntax:
    7.       - '[(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] whitelisted players (on|of|from) [server[s]]
    8.         %strings%'
    9.       - bungee[[ ]cord] server[s] %strings%'s whitelisted players
    10.       - '[(all [[of] the]|the)] whitelisted players (on|of|from) bungee[[ ]cord] [server[s]]
    11.         %strings%'
    12.     ExprNetworkVariable:
    13.       enabled: true
    14.       changers: All changers
    15.       description: Returns a variable that is stored on the Bungeecord, can also be
    16.         set, add, removed etc.
    17.       syntax:
    18.       - '[the] [skungee] (global|network|bungee[[ ]cord]) [variable [(from|of)]] %object%'
    19.     ExprBungeecordVersion:
    20.       enabled: true
    21.       description: Returns the version of the Bungeecord.
    22.       syntax:
    23.       - '[the] bungee[[ ]cord[s]] version'
    24.     ExprBungeeServerPlayers:
    25.       enabled: true
    26.       description: Returns the players(s) of the defined Bungeecord server(s).
    27.       syntax:
    28.       - '[(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] players (on|of|from) [server[s]] %strings%'
    29.       - bungee[[ ]cord] server[s] %strings%'s players
    30.       - '[(all [[of] the]|the)] players (on|of|from) bungee[[ ]cord] [server[s]] %strings%'
    31.     ExprBungeePlayers:
    32.       enabled: true
    33.       description: Returns a string list of all the bungeecord players.
    34.       syntax:
    35.       - '[(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] players'
    36.     ExprBungeeLimit:
    37.       enabled: true
    38.       description: Returns the max number of players the Bungeecord is set to handle.
    39.       syntax:
    40.       - '[the] bungee[[ ]cord[['']s]] player limit'
    41.     ExprBungeeServers:
    42.       enabled: true
    43.       description: Returns a string list of all the bungeecord servers.
    44.       syntax:
    45.       - '[(all [[of] the]|the)] [connected] bungee[[ ]cord] servers'
    46.   Conditions:
    47.     CondPlayerForge:
    48.       enabled: true
    49.       description: Check if a player from the Bungeecord is using the Forge client.
    50.       syntax:
    51.       - '[bungee[[ ]cord]] [(player|uuid)] %string/player% (1¦(has|is (running|using))|2¦(is(n''t
    52.         (running|using)| not))) [the] forge [client]'
    53.     CondServerOnline:
    54.       enabled: true
    55.       description: Check if a player is online the Bungeecord. Keep in mind that they
    56.         need to have joined the proxy and not through a port for it to work.
    57.       syntax:
    58.       - '[bungee[[ ]cord]] server %string% (1¦is|2¦is(n''t| not)) (running|online)'
    59.     CondOnlinePlayer:
    60.       enabled: true
    61.       description: Check if a player is online the Bungeecord. Keep in mind that they
    62.         need to have joined the proxy and not through a port for it to work.
    63.       syntax:
    64.       - bungee[[ ]cord] [(player|uuid)] %string/player% (1¦is|2¦is(n't| not)) online
    65.         [the] [bungee[[ ]cord]]
    66.       - '[(player|uuid)] %string/player% (1¦is|2¦is(n''t| not)) online [the] bungee[[
    67.         ]cord]'
    68.   Effects:
    69.     EffBungeeMessagePlayers:
    70.       enabled: true
    71.       description: Message all of the players from the bungeecord network.
    72.       syntax:
    73.       - '[skungee] (message|send|msg) %strings% to [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[
    74.         ][cord]] players'
    75.     EffExecuteBungeeCommand:
    76.       enabled: true
    77.       description: Execute a console command on the proxy. Commands such as /end,
    78.         /greload, /alert etc. Can also execute a plugin command if it's supported
    79.         in console.
    80.       syntax:
    81.       - '[skungee] (run|execute) bungee[[ ][cord]] [(proxy|console)] command[s] %strings%
    82.         [with [a[n]] %-timespan% delay [between [each [command]]]]'
    83.       - '[skungee] make bungee[[ ][cord]] (run|execute) [(proxy|console)] command[s]
    84.         %strings% [with [a[n]] %-timespan% delay [between [each [command]]]]'
    85.     EffBungeeEvaluate:
    86.       enabled: true
    87.       description: Evaluate effects on different servers across the Bungeecord network.
    88.       syntax:
    89.       - '[skungee] eval[uate] [[skript] code] %strings% on [[the] bungee[[ ]cord]]
    90.         [server[s]] %strings%'
    91.     EffBungeeActionbar:
    92.       enabled: true
    93.       description: Send a actionbar message to anyone on the Bungeecord network.
    94.       syntax:
    95.       - '[skungee] (send|display|show) [a[n]] action[ ]bar [with [(text|message)]]
    96.         %string% to bungee[[ ]cord] [(player|uuid)] %strings/players%'
    97.     EffStopProxy:
    98.       enabled: true
    99.       description: Ends the Bungeecord proxy. You can use \n to make a new line in
    100.         the message string.
    101.       syntax:
    102.       - '[skungee] (stop|kill|end) [the] [bungee[[ ]cord]] (proxy|console) [[with]
    103.         [the] (message|string|text) %-string%]'
    104.     EffBungeeSendServer:
    105.       enabled: true
    106.       description: Send bungeecord players to different servers.
    107.       syntax:
    108.       - '[skungee] (send|connect) bungee[[ ]cord] [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%
    109.         to [bungee[[ ]cord]] [server[s]] %strings%'
    110.       - '[skungee] (send|connect) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players% to [bungee[[
    111.         ]cord]] server[s] %strings%'
    112.     EffBungeeKickPlayers:
    113.       enabled: true
    114.       description: Kicks all of the players from the bungeecord network. You can add
    115.         a message aswell, if it's not set, a default message will be used. If you
    116.         want to define which users to kick, use the kick effect which kicks individual
    117.         players.
    118.       syntax:
    119.       - '[skungee] kick [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] players [(by reason
    120.         of|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]'
    121.       - '[(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] kick [(the|all)] [of] [the]
    122.         players from bungee[ ][cord] [(by reason of|because [of]|on account of|due
    123.         to) %-string%]'
    124.     EffBungeeMessagePlayer:
    125.       enabled: true
    126.       description: Message defined players from the bungeecord network.
    127.       syntax:
    128.       - '[skungee] (message|send|msg) %strings% to bungee[[ ]cord] [(player|uuid)[s]]
    129.         %strings/players%'
    130.     EffBungeeKickPlayer:
    131.       enabled: true
    132.       description: Kicks a player from the bungeecord network. You can add a message
    133.         aswell, if it's not set, a default message will be used.
    134.       syntax:
    135.       - '[skungee] kick bungee[[ ]cord] [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players% [(by
    136.         reason [of]|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]'
    137.       - '[skungee] kick [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players% from [the] bungee[[ ]cord]
    138.         [(by reason [of]|because [of]|on account of|due to) %-string%]'
    139.     EffBungeeChat:
    140.       enabled: true
    141.       description: Execute a bungeecord command or chat on a player. Keep in mind
    142.         that the command is executed on the current Spigot server of the user. There
    143.         is another syntax to execute on the Bungeecord. Doesn't support colour. If
    144.         you want colour, I suggest using the evaluate effect.
    145.       syntax:
    146.       - '[skungee] (force|make|execute) bungee[[ ]cord]] [(player|uuid)] %strings/players%
    147.         [to] (say|chat|command|(run|execute)[ command]) %strings%'
    148.       - '[skungee] (force|make|execute) [(player|uuid)] %strings/players% [to] (say|chat|command|(run|execute)[
    149.         command]) %strings% on [the] bungee[[ ]cord]'
    150.   PropertyExpressions:
    151.     ExprBungeePlayerAddress:
    152.       enabled: true
    153.       description: Returns the ip address(es) of the defined Bungeecord player(s).
    154.       syntax:
    155.       - '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] ip [address] (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]]
    156.         %strings/players%'
    157.       - '[Skungee] %strings/players%[''s] [(player|uuid)[s]] bungee[[ ]cord] ip [address]'
    158.     ExprBungeeServerPlayerLimit:
    159.       enabled: true
    160.       description: Returns the max players the defined server(s) can have based on
    161.         their server.properies.
    162.       syntax:
    163.       - '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] (max[imum] [amount [of]] players|player
    164.         limit) (of|from) [bungee[[ ]cord]] [server[s]] %strings%'
    165.       - '[Skungee] %strings%[''s] [bungee[[ ]cord]] [server[s]] (max[imum] [amount
    166.         [of]] players|player limit)'
    167.     ExprBungeeServerMOTD:
    168.       enabled: true
    169.       description: Returns the message of the day(s) from the defined server(s).
    170.       syntax:
    171.       - '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] (motd|message of the day)[s] (of|from) [bungee[[
    172.         ]cord]] [server[s]] %strings%'
    173.       - '[Skungee] %strings%[''s] [bungee[[ ]cord]] [server[s]] (motd|message of the
    174.         day)[s]'
    175.     ExprBungeePlayerPing:
    176.       enabled: true
    177.       changers: All changers
    178.       description: Returns the ping(s) of the defined Bungeecord player(s).
    179.       syntax:
    180.       - '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] ping (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]]
    181.         %strings/players%'
    182.       - '[Skungee] %strings/players%[''s] [(player|uuid)[s]] bungee[[ ]cord] ping'
    183.     ExprBungeePlayerName:
    184.       enabled: true
    185.       description: Returns the name(s) of the defined Bungeecord player(s).
    186.       syntax:
    187.       - '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] [user[ ]]name[s] (of|from)
    188.         [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%'
    189.       - '[Skungee] %strings/players%[''s] [(player|uuid)[s]] bungee[[ ]cord] [user[
    190.         ]]name[s]'
    191.     ExprBungeePlayerServer:
    192.       enabled: true
    193.       changers: '[SET]'
    194.       description: Returns the server(s) of the defined Bungeecord player(s).
    195.       syntax:
    196.       - '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] [(connected|current)] bungee[[ ]cord] server[s]
    197.         (of|from) [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%'
    198.       - '[Skungee] %strings/players%[''s] [(player|uuid)[s]] [(connected|current)]
    199.         bungee[[ ]cord] server[s]'
    200.     ExprBungeeServerAddress:
    201.       enabled: true
    202.       description: Returns the ip address(es) of the defined server(s).
    203.       syntax:
    204.       - '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] [server] ip[s] [address[es]] (of|from) [bungee[[
    205.         ]cord]] server[s] %strings%'
    206.       - '[Skungee] %strings%[''s] [bungee[[ ]cord]] server[s] [server] ip[s] [address[es]]'
    207.     ExprBungeeServerOnline:
    208.       enabled: true
    209.       description: Returns the message of the day(s) from the defined server(s).
    210.       syntax:
    211.       - '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] online stat(us|e)[s] (of|from) [bungee[[
    212.         ]cord]] [server[s]] %strings%'
    213.       - '[Skungee] %strings%[''s] [bungee[[ ]cord]] [server[s]] online stat(us|e)[s]'
    214.     ExprBungeePlayerDisplayName:
    215.       enabled: true
    216.       changers: All changers
    217.       description: Returns the display name(s) of the defined Bungeecord player(s).
    218.       syntax:
    219.       - '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] display[ ]name[s] (of|from)
    220.         [(player|uuid)[s]] %strings/players%'
    221.       - '[Skungee] %strings/players%[''s] [(player|uuid)[s]] bungee[[ ]cord] display[
    222.         ]name[s]'
    223.     ExprBungeePlayerUUID:
    224.       enabled: true
    225.       description: |-
    226.         Returns the uuid(s) of the defined Bungeecord player(s). The Bungeecord unique id, is the best option that Bungeecord can find.
    227.         If your spigot server doesn't have the `bungeecord` option set to true and the Bungeecord doesn't have `ip_forward` and `online_mode` true, this will be a generated UUID from Spigot.
    228.       syntax:
    229.       - '[Skungee] [(all [[of] the]|the)] bungee[[ ]cord] (uuid|unique id)[s] (of|from)
    230.         [player[s]] %strings/players%'
    231.       - '[Skungee] %strings/players%[''s] [player[s]] bungee[[ ]cord] (uuid|unique
    232.         id)[s]'
    If you get an error saying connection refused, the configuration of your spigot server side config.yml file was not configured correctly.

    If you're stuggling to install Skungee, feel free to PM or tag me anytime and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Recent Updates

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Recent Reviews

  1. FUZIK
    Version: 1.0.0
    one love .
    1. LimeGlass
  2. PNB
    Version: 1.3.3b
    Works great, people who leave a 1-star review just don't know how to use Bungeecord. Works lovely and I never had an issue with it. But sometimes it conflicts with "kill loop-player" as example, since SkelletProxy overrides it.
  3. m
    Version: 1.3.3b
    Haters gonna hate. Good luck finding someone else trying to mess with bungeecord in a skript addon. Took a bit for the last fix but its still the only thing youll get to handle that stuff. And even with the Bugs it had, the things that were working were still great.

    Nice Update anyways! :D
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      Thanks :D There are still some bugs i'm fixing now but it's a Skellett side issue not SkellettProxy :P

      Thanks for the review
  4. HelloImJake
    Version: 1.3.3a
    Amazing plugin, very useful for cross-server syncing, easy to use and great help from the author. Best skript addon in my opinion.
  5. PNB
    Version: 1.3.0a
    Amazing. And can you add something like; send player to instead of a Bungeecord Server "ID"? If this is possible it'd be great. If not, well, atleast you did more research on it than I did.

    Great addon.
  6. RedSpri
    Version: 1.2.6b
    Just awesome! Thanks for your works!
    Continue like that!
  7. Protoxy
    Version: 1.2.5
    Woooooow finnaly the new update thanks you alot for your works ! :)
  8. I
    Version: 1.2.3
    Thanks alot for the help with the plugin, it works great but how do i send a message to all online players?
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      The syntax is [(skellett[ ][(cord|proxy)]|bungee[ ][cord])] (message|send|msg) %string% to [(the|all)] [of] [the] bungee[[ ][cord]] players

      And an example would be

      message "&6Test" to all bungeecord players

      Please use the discussion page, tag me or PM me if you need help with anything :D
  9. Padlick
    Version: 1.2.2
    AWESOME!!!!! :D I really need this Addon! It is a must-have for me c:
    Thanks for re-uploading it :)
  10. Protoxy
    Version: 1.2.2
    The best addon for BungeeCord support !
    Thanks very much for this amazing plugin !
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
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