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bensku (Skript maintainer/developer), FranKusmiruk (Skript developer), ShaneBee (Skript developer), WealthyTurtle (Skript developer), Pikachu920 (Skript developer), Nicofisi (Skript developer), TheBentoBox (issue tracker manager, aliases developer), BaeFell (issues tracker, project helper)
Welcome to the official Skript Resource Page!

Terminology clarification:​

  • Skript = the plugin itself (Skript.jar)
  • Script = a script file (


Skript is a plugin that allows you to customise Minecraft's mechanics utilising simple scripts written in plain English sentences. Easily create complex and powerful commands, triggers that execute effects under certain conditions, and scripts that just run periodically - all without having to know even the slightest bit about programming! An intuitive language makes Skript easy to pick up.

To see how easy Skript is to use, take a look at the GitHub repo examples. These scripts are installed with Skript and can help you customise your Minecraft server straight away.


Originally released in 2011 on DBO by Njol, Skript has always been about inclusive programming. An easy to use language which lets everyone easily create unique features for their Minecraft server without any Java knowledge. Since Njol's departure from the Skript community, the Skript plugin now lives at the Github SkriptLang/Skript and is completely community made. Over 2,000 commits and continued development has made Skript a very powerful plugin for any server owner.

Unlike other script plugins, Skript's syntax system is easy to understand and follow. The focus is on simple English sentences that can be written and read by anyone. No odd syntax patterns, line breaks or crazy setups. Just English!


Natural Syntax​

Simple to use and easily effective English sentences are used by Skript to customise your server. It's easy to understand any script by just reading it.​

Custom Commands​

Define custom commands to do whateer you need. Override existing commands and change what they do.​


No need to repeat copy, functions allow you to run the same code over and over again. Functions are accessible from other scripts so can even be used to create an API or extenadble script setup.​

Error Handling​

Java won't tell you what you're doing wrong. Skript will! Quite often Skript will do the leg work for you so your code does work. If Skript can't, you'll be told what's gone wrong.​


Amazing addons exist for Skript to extend its syntax. From accessing plugin APIs, performing HTTP requests or even running Java in Skript. Whatever you need to do, Skript and the addons for it can do it!​

Huge Community​

A large, helpful and welcoming communtiy are able to provide you with the support and direction you need to get started with Skript. You won't be scolded for not knowing Skript, you'll be encourged to learn it!​

Development Update and Commitment​

Notice Regarding Update Delay
Acknowledging the extended timeline for this update, we are committed to refining our development cycle for a more predictable release schedule. To address this, we have implemented changes outlined in our new release model.

The Team

Thank Njol for creating Skript and Mirreski for maintaining it for a long time. Skript has received a lot of pull requests over time.
You can find all contributors here.


Note that these resources are not maintained by Skript's developers. Don't contact us about any problems you might have with them.

Developing Skript

Skript is a large project with a lot of complex programming involved. If you're new to Java, Skript is not the project for you. Due to Skript's size and nature, this project requires good Java experience before being worked on. Instead, try creating an addon for Skript. Take a look at Existing addons on skUnity to see what hasn't been done and find open-source addons to learn from.
If you have the Java experience to be able to work and understand SKript, take a look at the GitHub Repo to learn more

Downloading Skript, addons and scripts


You can download the latest stable version of Skript by clicking the download button above. For pre-releases, see the GitHub Releases. As with any plugin, place Skript.jar inside /plugins/ and restart your server. Skript is pre-configured and doesn't really need tweaking much.​


Addons follow the same setup as any plugin. Place the .jar file into /plugins/ and restart the server. Some addons may have different setups or require tweaking, you'll need to contact the addon developer if you're unsure.​


To install an existing script, place the script file into /plugins/Skript/scripts/ and do "/sk reload <file name>". To create a new script file, you'll need to set the extension to .sk and then follow the steps above.​


As of version 2.7.0, Skript no longer supports Minecraft versions 1.12 and lower (legacy versions). This means that the current version, 2.7.2, and all subsequent releases will exclusively function on Minecraft versions 1.13 and higher.

What Does This Mean?

  • Compatibility: Skript version 2.7.X and onwards are compatible only with Minecraft 1.13 and above.
  • Critical Fixes: Only critical fixes will be backported to the 2.6.X branch, ensuring stability for users who might still be running older Minecraft versions.

Why Drop Support?

As part of our commitment to innovation and efficiency, focusing on the latest Minecraft versions allows us to optimize Skript and provide the best possible experience for our users.

Issues with Skript

If you're having an issue with Skript that is not related to an addon or because you don't understand Skript, then please post it in the GitHub Issues.

Skript Support
If you're in need of help with your script, then take a look at the resources section above. There are many different places to get the help you need.
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