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Njol, Mirreski, SkriptLang Team, Contributors
Supported Skript Version
  1. 2.8
Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.13
  2. 1.14
  3. 1.15
  4. 1.16
  5. 1.17
  6. 1.18
  7. 1.19
  8. 1.20

Skript is a Minecraft plugin for Spigot that enables administrators to create unique and inspiring features for their servers. It is simple to use with no experience necessary. For those who already know how to write plugins, Skript makes it easy to build prototypes that can be later developed into full plugins. Altogether, Skript is more than capable of creating a feature-rich server experience.

About Skript​

Originally released in 2011 on by Njol, Skript has always been about inclusive programming. Skript is an easy-to-use language that provides a path for server admins to easily create unique and inspiring features for their Minecraft server with no prior experience necessary. Today, the project lives on GitHub and is completely community made. With thousands of contributions and community hours poured into continued development, Skript is a very powerful plugin for any server owner.

Unlike other scripting plugins, Skript's syntax is easy to understand and follow. The focus is on simple English sentences that can be written and read by anyone. No odd syntax patterns, line breaks, or difficult setups. Plus, a large, helpful, and rapidly growing community exists to provide you with the support and directions you need.


Skript is packed with useful syntax for building both simple and complex creations.

Natural Syntax
Simple-to-use and easy to understand English sentences power Skript to customize your server.

Custom Commands
Define custom commands to integrate your creations or override existing ones to change their behavior.

No need to copy and paste. Functions allow you to run the same code over and over again with customizable inputs.

Effective Error Messages
While traditional errors can be harder to understand for beginners, Skript focuses on presenting them as simply as possible. If Skript is unable to fix your error for you, it will report back in clear terms what went wrong.

The community continues to build addons that further enhance Skript's capabilities. If Skript cannot do something, it is likely that someone has built as an addon that can.


Skript requires Spigot to work. Paper, which is a derivative of Spigot, is recommended. Skript supports only the latest patch versions of Minecraft 1.13 and newer. For example, this means that 1.16.5 is supported, but 1.16.4 is not. Minecraft 1.12 and earlier are not supported. When new Minecraft versions are released, we will work as quickly as possible to support them. It is worth noting that the latest version of Skript may work fine on new versions, but without support for any new features.

NOTE: If you must use Skript on an older Minecraft server, Skript 2.6.4 was the final release with support for versions 1.9 through 1.12. Click here to view it on GitHub.

Contributing to Skript

Skript is a large project with many parts working together. If you are new to Java, Skript is not the project for you. Due to Skript's size and development history, working on the project demands prior Java experience. It can be useful to familiarize yourself with Skript's codebase by exploring many of the addons that have been built for it (see below). Anyone interesed in contributing should review our contributing guidelines.

Downloading Skript, Addons and Scripts

You can download the latest stable version of Skript by clicking the download button above. For pre-releases, see the project's GitHub releases page. As with any plugin, place the downloaded Skript file inside the server's plugins folder. Restart the server, and once it loads, you will be ready to begin.

Addons follow the same setup as any plugin. Place the downloaded file into the server's plugins folder and restart. Some addons may have different setups or require tweaking. Be sure to review the addon's download page for any installation instructions.

When creating a new script, simply create a new .sk file in Skript's scripts folder. To install a script, place the file in that same scripts folder. Restart your server or load the script using /sk reload <file name>.

Having an Issue with Skript?

If you experience unexpected behavior with Skript, you can report it as an issue on our GitHub Repository. Understand that this platform is for bug reports only. If you need help with your scripts, please review the linked resources below.


Getting Help
Community support is available through the Spigot Forums, the skUnity Discord Server, skUnity also hosts tutorials for those new to Skript.

Skript Documentation
You can easily and quickly view all the syntax of Skript at Community-built documentation is available on skUnity.

Addons and Scripts
You can find a wide selection of addons and scripts from multiple community platforms, including Spigot, and skUnity. As with any plugin or tool that has the ability to modify your server's functionality, take caution in what you install.
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