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Addon skript-reflect 2.3

Reflection utilities for Skript

  1. Bug fixes and improvements

    skript-reflect will stop supporting Skript versions below 2.6 when a stable Skript 2.6 version is released. This means that this could be the last skript-reflect version that supports 2.5.3 and 2.2-dev36.

    • Fix declaringClass NPE
    • Improve Java call errors with difference between static and non-static
    • Allow primitives in class literal expression
    • Improve inner class import system, for example set {_phase} to EnderDragon.Phase.LEAVE_PORTAL if EnderDragon is imported
    • Fix Java calls with numerical wrapper parameter types
    • Fix custom event expression with only data specified
    • Fix custom expression with return type being allowed in places where a different type is required
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