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Addon skript-reflect 2.3

Reflection utilities for Skript

  1. Fixes and features

    • Fixed setting raw expression to multiple values.
    • Fixed local variables being deleted with delayed effects.
    • Fixed NPE for varargs methods with a single given argument.
    • Fixed startup error on 1.13 and 1.14.
    • Fixed reflective events firing twice.
    • Fixed NPE with expression-expression where the number is higher than allowed by the pattern.
    • Fixed syntax conflict with MundoSK custom events.
    • Fixed matched pattern expression and return effect being initiated when they shouldn't be.
    • Fixed calling methods using parameter type specification (overloaded methods).
    • Fixed raw expression returning wrong values when called from any WrappedEvent, such as custom elements.
    • Fixed return effect giving wrong errors.
    • Added preloading (disabled by default), see docs.
    • Added bStats.
    • Added ItemType to ItemStack converter in java calls for convenience.
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