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Addon Skript-Packet 1.1

Packets for Skript

  1. aeim
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16, 1.17
    A Skript packet addon to replace ThatPacketAddon (which is not updated) with Skript 2.5.2+

    • Recent version of Skript
    • Stable ProtocolLib dev build (does not works with v-4.5.1)
    • Java8+
    • It's highly recommended to use skript-reflect
    What is a packet
    The Minecraft server and your Minecraft client share information called "packets". Example of a packet:
    • Any movement made by an entity
    • Opening a gui to a player
    • When the player use an item
    The interest of manipulation of packets is to send fake information to a specific group of players, like display a fake diamond block (client side) instead of a tnt (server side). You can do a lot of things with packets, but it's really hard to understand how to use them ...

    This link can help you to identify the content of a packet: https://wiki.vg/Protocol

    What is the difference from ThatPacketAddon

    TPA is not up to date and is not recommended after MC 1.15.
    Skript-Packet provide support from MC 1.12 to the most recent version
    Skript-Packet try to improve performances and fix bugs from TPA (exemple : TPA does not fully support play_server_map_chunk)
    My Addon add a lot of feature to deal with NMS (like converting Bukkit to NMS and vice versa)
    I do my best to facilitate understanding of packets.
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