Addon skript-mirror 0.19.1

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  • Allow custom events to be cancelled
  • Automatically convert single-character strings to char, when necessary
  • Add a cast expression (#1)
  • Allow the spread expression to spread collections
  • Add a utility expression for manipulating bits and ranges of bits
  • Add a null object literal
  • Add utilities for creating and unwrapping arrays
  • Unwrap javatypes into classes when necessary
  • Improve error messages
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  • Fix a ClassCastException due to mismatched empty arrays
  • Add custom event support
  • Add literals for true and false to fix some parser issues
  • Implement getConvertedExpression to make Java calls more like variables
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  • Make the "java" in the typeof expression mandatory
⚠️ Breaking Changes
  • Java calls no longer accept multiple target objects
  • Added error handling and a try expression to suppress errors
  • Expanded import syntax
  • Fixed a bug where events and java classes could not be used as types
  • Fixed issues with methods returning arrays
  • Added expressions for listing the members of objects and java types
  • Added an expression for getting the java class of an object