Addon skript-mirror 0.19.1

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  • General internal code cleanup
  • Add an opt-in consent system for enabling experimental features
  • Allow custom property expressions to be non-single
  • Fix syntax load order issues with other addons
  • Add a more descriptive error when a return is used after a delay
  • Add a way to delay parsing of lines until runtime (#57)
  • Fix comparisons between wrapped java objects (#92)
⚠️ Breaking Changes
  • Make reflection-based events use imported classes instead of strings
  • Fix compatibility with other addons that add custom sections
  • Use both codenames and user input patterns when looking up classinfos
  • Allow specifying change types in expression changers (#53)
  • Allow multiple input types in property syntaxes (#85)
  • Allow array parameters in method descriptors (#86)
  • Allow numeric arrays to be converted into other numeric arrays (#90)
  • Fix java calls not working in effect commands
  • Fix type modifier handling in custom expressions
  • Fix type pluralization in property expressions (#84)
  • Fix an NPE when using java calls outside of scripts (#82)
  • Add computed script options
  • Fix issues related to unwrapping wrapped java objects (#72)
  • Improve error messages (#74)
  • Allow imported classes to be used in type descriptors (#77)
  • Allow user input patterns to be used as types in custom syntax (#79)
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  • Fix the matched pattern expression
To be honest, the primary purpose of this release is to publish skript-mirror's new GitBook-based documentation. At this time, the documentation is still a work-in-progress and lacks documentation on some core features, but it's still better to have incomplete documentation than none at all!

Check out the documentation here.
  • Disable missing and/or warning
  • General improvements to property expressions
  • Add version to english.lang (#68)
  • Allow java calls to be used as conditions (#69)
  • Fix syntax conflicts with other addons (#70)
⚠️ Breaking Changes
Hey there! This should be the last massive breaking update until full release! (Unless we can remove the ! from field accessors)

  • Java calls no longer use ; as a line terminator
  • Fix custom expression return types
  • Allow the loop-* of a plural expression to specified
  • Add plural form to the java class of property
  • Store expression values when custom syntax is executed (#61)
  • Fix the patterns section in custom expressions (#63)
  • Fix issue with spreading Java objects