Addon skript-mirror 0.19.1

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Wonderful addon, This addon gives Skript all the power of java!
and it is easy to use!

It's a wonderful addon that gives Skript the power of using Java libraries, you also do not need to know Java to use it, it is easier to learn this addon, but you can start writing Java code easily after learning how to use this addon.

I recommend getting skript-mirror 2.0.0 instead of the one released here, it's better.
i love it!
This is the best skript addon I've ever seen!!!!!!
On 1.13 the server freezes on startup and can take up to 7hours to start beacuse of "log handlers were not stopped properly!"
Skript-Mirror isn't a Skript Addon. Skript-Mirror is the tool that lets you make YOUR OWN ADDONS!

With Skript-Mirror, basically no other addons are needed. You can just import your own code!

In my personal opinion, I think this an awesome addon. Really nice.
Perfect, but I shall suggest a better name, "JavaSkript".
I have to say at first this was very overwhelming, but once getting used to how it all works, its pretty amazing how many doors this addon opens up for Skript writing! thanks for such a great addon!
With this addon, you don't really need any other addons installed. You can basically make your own addon. which I highly love. Less addons = better.
Skript-mirror is a great jump in Skript's world, this add-on is a real beast, you made Java much much easier. Thank you for your great work ♥
It was hard work, but i finally managed to get some simple stuff to work for me. Eagerly awaiting updated documentation/tutorials, this is awesome!
Addon is made very well with simplicity in mind. Very good job on this w00t.
Best add-on around!! If this wasn't a thing my server would be nowhere!!
Fucking awesome. Allows a huge step over skripts limitations and is sooooo useful for custom plugin events.
10/10 would try to understand again
I haven't used it but it looks like a quality addon #duckyapproved
Very very good man ! add priority please :3
Good jobs i like !
skript-mirror already supports setting the priority of custom events, if that's what you mean.
Reflection in Skript done right. No awkward syntaxes either: it's basically inline java.
makes a ton of other addons unneeded as long as your willing to work a bit