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Script Skript Jobs 1.2

Earn money for working in minecraft!

  1. Warpedtimes
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    A jobs script for your minecraft server! Includes 6 Jobs (Miner, Farmer, Hunter, Lumberjack, Excavator and Enchanter!) Players will be paid money for each action they do
    If you get any errors message me on discord Warpedtimes#9475

    Source Code:
    • Player Commands
      • Jobs Menu - /jobs
        • Opens the GUI main menu for the jobs interface
      • Join - /Jobs join <job>
        • Will join a job on command instead of clicking in the GUI
      • Leave - /Jobs leave <job/-all>
        • Will leave a job on command instead of clicking in the GUI as well as the support for leaving all jobs at once with "-all"
      • Stats - /Jobs stats
        • Prints out in chat a list of Jobs Levels and XP
      • Info - /Jobs info <job>
        • Opens the GUI for specific job payments
    • Admin Commands (Permission: "jobs.admin")
      • Fire - /jobsadmin fire <player> <job>
        • Fires a selected player from the specified job if they have it
      • Hire - /jobsadmin hire <player> <job>
        • Hires a selected player for the specified job if they dont already have it.
      • Set Level - /jobsadmin level <player> <job> <level>
        • Sets the specified level for the specified job of the player
      • Set Max Jobs - /jobsadmin max <player> <integer>
        • Sets the max jobs of a player
    Update 1.2
    Job Admin commands have been added

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Recent Updates

  1. Update 1.2
  2. Jobs Leaving update
  3. Sheesh