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Addon skript-db (Updated) 1.3.4

Sensible SQL support for Skript

  1. 1.3.1 - some changes

    • Replaced "synchronously execute" syntax with "quickly execute" as "synchronously execute" was too flawed to be useful.
    • "quickly execute" syntax allows you to get result from query without 50ms delay which normal "execute" has due to jumping between threads, but note that this syntax moves all next lines of code in current trigger to another thread to achieve this speed, which means if you put non thread safe code below it, your server may crash, but you can jump back to main thread by adding "wait a tick". This is ideal for GUIs/commands that only send text based on SQL query results, as it makes these things much faster.
    • Added Java 8 support
    • Changed API version to 1.13 in plugin.yml, this will keep plugin working on older versions while marking the plugin as a non-legacy plugin for 1.13+ servers
    • Various small fixes
    Tested on 1.12.2 Paper & Skript 2.5.1, Linux.
    There were some issues with wrong config in previous releases, if you still have errors related to config - please delete the config and let it regenerate.
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