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Addon skript-advancements 1.3.2

Addon that allows you to work with advancements.

  1. hotpocket184
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.17, 1.18
    Skript-advancements adds essential advancement features in Skript for your server. The use of 1.2 is NOT advised and it introduces major bugs in Skript. Please use 1.2.1+! If you're using SkBee with skript-advancements then make sure to disable SkBee's advancements in it's config.

    Need Help? Make an Issue: https://github.com/hotpocket184/skript-advancements/issues
    Wiki: https://github.com/hotpocket184/skript-advancements/wiki/Getting-Started

    Here's a list of what skript-advancements adds:
    ▪ Advancement Complete Event
    ▪ Player Has Advancement Condition
    ▪ Grant Advancement Effect
    ▪ Revoke Advancement Effect
    ▪ Advancement Type (1.2+)
    ▪ Advancement Creator Section
    ▪ Advancement Creator Expressions
    ▪ Advancement Creator Effects
    ▪ Date Awarded Expression
    ▪ Display Toast Effect
    ▪ Displayed Title
    ▪ Displayed Description
    ▪ Displayed Icon
    ▪ Displayed Frame
    ▪ NBT Support in Custom Toasts/Advancements

    Skript-Advancements no longer uses Spigot's 1.12 API and now only supports versions Paper 1.17.1+ with Skript 2.6.1+