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Addon skript-advancements 1.5.6

Addon that allows you to work with advancements.

  1. hotpocket184
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.18, 1.19


    Spigot Version 1.16.5 and above.
    - Need Paper 1.16.5 and above for display expressions and advancement message.
    Skript 2.6.1 and above.

    Setting Up
    To set up skript-advancements all you have to do is install the jar and add it to your server's plugins folder. If you would like to have a custom key to your advancements, you can change that in the config.
    Keep in mind that in order to use skript-advancements you will need to disable SkBee's advancements. If you have SkBee installed, go into SkBee's config file and switch "advancements" to false.

    Skript-advancements adds advancement features to Skript. There are many features in skript-advancements so if you need help with any feel free to check out the wiki for more information. 1.16.5 support has not yet been tested so feel free to do so. If there are any issues with it then feel free to create an issue on the GitHub.

    Need Help? Create an Issue: https://github.com/hotpocket184/skript-advancements/issues
    Wiki: https://github.com/hotpocket184/skript-advancements/wiki/


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Recent Reviews

  1. jeelzzz
    Version: 1.5.3
    very good addon but the author isn't good at valorant