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- 40 new paper events
- Added a paper section when registering elements
- Fixed 3 teams expressions to return valid types
- Added horse jump strength expression
- Fixed an issue where Skream wouldn't load if Citizens wasn't installed on the server.
- Fixed an issue where the color of a team and the glow color of an NPC used strings to set them instead of an actual color (also returns an actual color now).
- Added an expression to get the entity object of an NPC (as suggested by GitHub user EarthAgar).
- Fixed an issue where the Sprinting & Sneaking expressions would return a string.
- Added messages to console that display what elements have/haven't loaded.
- Fixed an issue where the Team type would have a conflict error if another addon had the Team type.
- Added an optional speed argument for NPC pathfinding.
- Multiple team elements' syntax has changed to fit the wording changes with the change to the Team type.
- You may no longer simply type out the name of the team to fulfill the team type, you must use the TeamByName expression to fulfill it (team "red"). This change was made to completely irradicate any conflict errors that could occur.