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Addon SkQuery [1.9-1.13+] 3.6.5

An updated SkQuery fork.

  1. Fixed bug in looping blocks of a cube

    Fixed bug in looping blocks of a cube
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  2. Bug fixes and removals

    • Removed fireworks, I added them to Vanila Skript. (Pop firework still exists though as that's reflection)
    • Removed BookOf expression, it generated a book by string, it was a dumb implementation. Books are in Vanila Skript now.
    • Removed SkQuery version expression, not needed.
    • Fixed Skript 2.3 color issues.
    Started experimental documentation http://skquery.github.io

    SkQuery is now a Github organization, report bugs here...
  3. 1.13 update and Midi revamp

    • Midi is playing condition;
    Code (Text):
    1. midi [ids] %strings% (are|is) playing
    3. midi [ids] %strings% (are|is)(n't| not) playing
    • Location is within now accepts multiple locations;
    Code (Text):
    1. %locations% (is|are) within %location% (to|and) %location%
    3. %locations% (are|is)(n't| not) within %location% (to|and) %location%
    • Revamped the whole Midi system, made it sound better, use 1.12 sounds, and performance boost (Will default to 1.8...
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  4. Recode and 2.3 Skript

    This version of SkQuery has about 30% of it's code rewritten for better performance. This version has the removal of lore because it collided with vanilla Skript 2.3 versions as it has a lore now. This version is designed to only work with 2.3+ Skript builds.

    Let me know if you run into any issues, other than lore, if you run into issues with lore report it on the Skript issue tracker.
  5. Code clean and client sign effect fix.

    It has been awhile since I posted an update for SkQuery, there hasn't been any issues with it, so there is no need to post an update.

    A user recently reported that the client sign effect doesn't work, so I fix it and here is that version.

    I only have three plans for this fork at the moment.

    1.) Re-add all the stuff that was removed over the course of this and Gatt's fork.
    2.) Code clean
    3.) 1.13 support.

    I have done a bit of code clean in the whole system of registering and lots of other...
  6. Updates

    • Some compare classes not working in some cases.
    • Some null pointers
    • Fixed up some Lamba things
    • Changed how some things work, no noticeable difference.
    • A DEV_LIME boolean field for developers to tell if the server is running this fork.
    • A DISABLE_YAML boolean field for developers to disable SkQuery's yaml. Skellett uses this.
    • A method to disable the Yaml of SkQuery. SkQuery.disableYaml(boolean)
    • All these above are in the...
  7. Newest Skript version error

    Fixed an error that crashed SkQuery with latest Bensku's edit dev-32. I predicted this was going to happen so I had this made for myself awhile ago.
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  8. Hot addition

    • Added the ability to get the number/integer input of the "evaluate lamba" effect from the last update.
    Code (Skript):
    1. do 5 times [broadcast "This is the %number input% loop"]
    P.S: If anyone wants the Lamba hotfix for Skript-Mirror users. Just PM me for that fix of this build.
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  9. Revival of pop firework, bug fixes and improvements.

    • Fixed some minor bugs.
    • Fixed some null pointers.
    • Updated the main thread with more info about the build.
    • Fixed pop firework (Not client side anymore) but works.
    Code (Skript):
    1. #Changed syntax from
    2. pop %fireworkeffects% at %locations% to %players%
    4. #to
    6. (detonate|pop) %fireworkeffects% at %locations%
    • Added some fixes/improvements from VirusTotal's edit.
    • Added the ability for the "evaluate lamba" to execute multiple...
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  10. Bug fixes, Where filter and past movement

    - Added former movement location. Uses the getFrom() in the on any movement that never existed.
    Code (Skript):
    1. ([the] (past|former) move[ment] [location]
    - Added settable relative option to the time relative syntax.
    Code (Skript):
    1. (relative|player) time of %player% [with relative %-boolean%]
    3. #or
    5. %player%'s (relative|player) time [with relative %-boolean%]
    - Fixed Time Relative throwing null when trying to reset...
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