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Addon SkQuery [1.13-1.19+] 4.1.7

The original Skript Addon.

  1. Updates

    • Some compare classes not working in some cases.
    • Some null pointers
    • Fixed up some Lamba things
    • Changed how some things work, no noticeable difference.
    • A DEV_LIME boolean field for developers to tell if the server is running this fork.
    • A DISABLE_YAML boolean field for developers to disable SkQuery's yaml. Skellett uses this.
    • A method to disable the Yaml of SkQuery. SkQuery.disableYaml(boolean)
    • All these above are in the SkQuery.class
    • Added the ability to control Lamba's internally better (Developers addition)
    • Added a for each effect. This allows you to do multiple things with a lamba and lists
      Code (Skript):
      1. %objects% for each %lambda%
      3. and
      5. %objects% where %predicate% for each %lambda% respectively
      The respectively makes the effect run double/triple/quad/infinite condition and effects simultaneously. So if the first lamba condition is true, it will run the first lamba effect. If the seventh lamba condition is true, it will run the seventh lamba effect etc.
    • Added beta testing lamba expressions. Was playing around with these. They shouldn't interfere or be visibly usable at the moment.
    • Re-added MySQL options and stuff for the time being. Revamping this later in it's own addon maybe.

    Code (Skript):
    1. function getConnectedBlocks(block: block):
    2.     add {_block} to {return::*}
    3.     loop all blocks in radius 1 around location of {_block} where [type of block input is type of {_block}]->[{return::*} doesn't contain block input]:
    4.         add loop-value to {return::*}
    5.         getConnectedBlocks(loop-value)
    6. command /replace <item> <number> <item>:
    7.     trigger:
    8.         set {_now} to now
    9.         getConnectedBlocks(target block)
    10.         {return::*} where [chance of argument 2%] for each [set block at block input to argument 1]->[set block above block input to argument 3]
    11.         broadcast "%difference between now and {_now}%"
    12.         delete {return::*}
    13. command /change <item>:
    14.     trigger:
    15.         set {_now} to now
    16.         getConnectedBlocks(target block)
    17.         {return::*} for each [set block at block input to argument]->[set block above block input to argument]
    18.         broadcast "%difference between now and {_now}%"
    19.         delete {return::*}
    20. command /test:
    21.     trigger:
    22.         "this", "test.", "test2.", "is" and "dope" where [string input doesn't contain "."] for each [set string input to "&6%string input%"]->[broadcast "%string input% + %loop input%"]
    23. command /assigner:
    24.     trigger:
    25.         all players where [size of {team::red::*} > {team::blue::*}]->[size of {team::blue::*} > {team::red::*}] for each [broadcast "&c&l%player input% is now on blue"]->[broadcast "&c&l%player input% is now on red"] respectively

    The last respectively syntax adds the player to red if it's low or adds them to blue if the team is low occupied. I can help people understand the for each more if you PM me on SkUnity, Spigot or Discord, or you can just tag me.

    This is probably the last update for awhile until 1.13 breaks this addon.
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