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Addon SkQuery [1.13-1.19+] 4.1.8

The original Skript Addon.

  1. Fireworks are finally restored!

    Fixed the fireworks system not working at all since Gatt's 1.9 SkQuery edit.

    Added colour support to the firework syntax. For everyone not American xD

    Fixed some minor bugs.

    Modified Syntax:

    Code (Skript):
    1. #Main launch effect:
    2.     (launch|deploy) %firework effects% at %locations% (with duration|timed) %number%
    4. #%firework effect%:
    5.     (1¦|2¦flickering |3¦trailing |4¦flickering trailing |5¦trailing flickering )%firework type% [firework] [effect] colo[u]red %colors%
    7.     (1¦|2¦flickering |3¦trailing |4¦flickering trailing |5¦trailing flickering )%firework type% [firework] [effect] colo[u]red %colors% fad(e|ing) [to] %colors%
    9. #%firework types%:
    10.     ball, ball large, burst, creeper, star
    Firework examples:
    Code (Skript):
    1. command /fireworks:
    2.     trigger:      
    3.         launch flickering ball firework colored red at player's location timed 0
    4.         wait a second
    5.         launch trailing ball large coloured red, blue and green at player's location timed 1
    6.         wait a second
    7.         launch flickering trailing creeper coloured green fading to red, black and green at player's location timed 1
    8.         wait a second
    9.         launch trailing flickering star coloured purple and red fading to pink at player's location timed 1
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