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Addon SkQuery [1.13-1.19+] 4.1.9

The original Skript Addon.

  1. Code clean and client sign effect fix.

    It has been awhile since I posted an update for SkQuery, there hasn't been any issues with it, so there is no need to post an update.

    A user recently reported that the client sign effect doesn't work, so I fix it and here is that version.

    I only have three plans for this fork at the moment.

    1.) Re-add all the stuff that was removed over the course of this and Gatt's fork.
    2.) Code clean
    3.) 1.13 support.

    I have done a bit of code clean in the whole system of registering and lots of other places, I can't remember any changes either since it's been so long, no new stuff, all internals.

    And lastly, when 1.13 Skript comes out, I will be sure to keep this updated as so many people use it. Thanks again.
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