SkPerms - A Skript permission manager

Script SkPerms - A Skript permission manager 1.0.5

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Permission manager script for Skript using SkQuery
SkPerms is a permissions manager that handles all permissions towards the server. It can be used for independent player's permissions, or by groups for players. SkPerms is a very light weight and useful script for any server. A lot lighter than other leading permission manager plugins.

SkPerms hooks into Bukkit permissions and can acknowledge permissions from another permission managers that used Bukkit's permissions.

- Skript
- SkQuery
- (Optional) Skellett

If some of SkQuery's features aren't working. Install Skellett with SkQuery and Skellett will handle the issues.

/skp (p|player) (player) (add|remove|list) permission [permission]
/skp (p|player) (player) (add|set|remove|list) group [group]
/skp (g|group) (group) (add|remove|list) permission [permission]
/skp (g|group) (group) (add|remove|list) group [group]
/skp (g|group) (group) (prefix|suffix) set (text)
/skp (d|default) (group)
/skp deleteDefault

Adding a permissions through your script:
Use the following effect to add or remove player permissions from a player. SkPerms will save the data for you.

add "essentials.example" to player's permissions
remove "essentials.example" from player's permissions

  • Add single permissions (Permissions that get deleted on disconnect)
  • World permissions
  • Any suggestions are taken
May I fork SkPerms into my script? Absolutely. People ask me all the time if they can bake SkPerms into their own script. Just please include a reference to me and you're all good.
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This script is so nice ! I've an idea, make SkPerms compatible with bungee ? :O
Awesome man!! I have no idea how you did this but :+1:!