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API SkPapi 1.0-BETA.7

Skript API especially for packet stuff.

  1. 1.0-BETA.7 - Objectives, metadata and code optimizing

    • Removed command
    • Version check is now more optimized
    • All syntaxes are now more optimized
    • Variables now have "-" prefixes
    • PacketListenerNMSK is now part of SkPapi because of some protocolLib glitches, thanks to TPGamesNL
    • Entity type ID now works a bit better, I still recommend checking IDs manually
    • Added expression for Biome IDs
    • Added expression for JSON object as readable text, useful for converting texts in packets
    • Added expression for protocol version of the player
    • Added expressions for chunk by chunk coordinations and chunk coordinations from a chunk
    • Added AND and OR operators as conditions
    • Fixed update team syntax
    • Added effect for changing server brand
    • Added effect for performing player respawn
    • Added effect for updating entity if killed client sided
    • Added effect for changing FOV
    • Added effect for unloading chunks
    • Added effect for showing end game credits
    • Added effect for changing biomes client sided
    • Added full support for scoreboard objectives
    • Added effects for applying and removing potions client sided
    • Added effect for playing named sound effect
    • Added effect for swapping hands of player client sided
    • Added effect for changing type of player's debug screen
    • Added 5 effects for mob animations
    • Added 4 effects for particle animations
    • Added support for client-sided jukebox
    • Added effect for client-side difficulty
    • Added effect for changing client-side exp level
    • Added effect for opening horse GUI
    • Added effect for changing entity's velocity client sided
    • Added effect for changing the main hand of the player
    • Added effect for changing skin layers of player
    • Added 18 metadata effects for mobs
    • Added event for loading and unloading chunks
    • Added event for updating settings
    • And some other small changes
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