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API SkPapi 1.0-BETA.7

Skript API especially for packet stuff.

  1. 1.0-BETA.3 - Armor stands!

    • Added effect for playing animations such as swinging/taking damage
    • Added effect for making client-side entity invisible
    • Added effect changing the name of the client-side entity
    • Added armor stand support
    • Added effect for rotating individual parts of client-side armor stands
    • Added effect for changing types of client-side armor stands
    • Added effect for rotating client-side entities
    • Move client-side entity effect now works properly
    • Get entity type ID effect removed, because bukkit doesn't provide support for entitytype IDs in newer versions
    • Fake damage effect removed
    • Make client-side entity swing effect removed
    • Optimized code for getting classic or trimmed UUIDs
    • And some other small changes
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