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Featured Addon Skore - The scoreboard addon. 2.0.4

A Skript addon dedicated to perfecting scoreboards with packets.


    This is for 1.13+ only, 1.8 will continue using TitleManager. You can download versions that require TitleManager for 1.8 at https://forums.skunity.com/resources/skore-the-scoreboard-addon.617/history any 1.0.X series will work.

    Due to the lack of updates and the current issue with TitleManager not working in 1.16. I have made this experimental version of Skore. It does not require TitleManager. It will now require ProtocolLib https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/protocollib.1997/

    The default scoreboard syntax was removed as there is no configuration from TitleManager.

    This version is experimental, and everything should act as normal compared to the other versions.

    Please report any bugs at https://github.com/TheLimeGlass/Skore/issues I did not find any bugs other than the length of the scoreboard lines not working fully. I plan to make the scoreboard lines unlimited in the future sometime.

    Thanks and hopefully this replaces the outdated TitleManager or until it gets an update again.

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