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Script SkManager 1.0

A server protection system that allows you to decide what goes on on your server!

  1. ShyDoge
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.18, 1.19
    This script is public and no longer in experimental.
    You can still pay for it if you'd like, but it's available for free on my profile. (Click Here)

    Permissions -
    skm.alerts - Alerts you if a alt account joins / is kicked.
    skm.execute - Allows you to use the command
    skm.quarantine - Access to /skm quarantine
    skm.unquarantine - Access to /skm unquarantine
    skm.lockdown - Allows access to /skm lockdown
    skm.antiraid - Allows access to /skm antiraid
    skm.exclude - You cannot be quarantined.
    skm.info.player - Player information, along with warnings.
    skm.info.server - Server information, including TPS, worlds, gamemodes, etc.

    Commands -
    /skm - The default command. If you do not provide an argument, it will show a gui to help you with the commands.
    /skm quarantine - Quarantines a player, stopping them from executing basic commands & Movement.
    /skm unquarantine - Reverses the quarantine, allowing them to execute basic commands & move.
    /skm lockdown - Locks down your server, stopping all joins.
    /skm antiraid - Stops people with the same IP from joining, putting a st