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Addon skJson 2.8.5

Working with json in skript

  1. Item Conversion in JSON (Form of Skript list) Supported!

    skJson 2.6.21⚠️
    Hello everyone.

    New conventors for json.

    • Fix small bugs, #18
    • Cleanup code
    • fix Typos
    Code (Text):
    2. command try:
    3.    trigger:
    4.        set {_test::*} to diamond sword named "&aA", apple, stone pickaxe
    5.        broadcast {_test::*}'s form with pretty print
    7.        set {_test::item1} to diamond sword named "&aA"
    8.        set {_test::item2} to stone pickaxe
    9.        set {_test::item3} to apple
    11.        broadcast {_test::*}'s form with pretty print
    12. on load:
    13.    execute console command "try"
    Please check SkriptHub or Wikipedia for syntax changes.

    ❌ If you found any bugs, feel free to post it.
    Sincerely, Coffee.

    Full Changelog: 2.6.2...2.6.21
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