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Addon skJson 2.7,0

Working with json in skript

  1. skJson 2.5

    skJson 2.5 ⚠️

    Hello everyone.
    This is a big milestone for skJson addon (*skript-gson*)
    One of the first pieces of information is that it has been renamed from the current skript-gson to skJson. I renamed this addon because the gson in the name said little to anyone and was not as representative. thus skJson contains both json in the word and Skript (sk)

    I should also mention that support for older versions of minecraft server has been added. Since version 1.8.8 this addon is able to work.

    I must also mention that the kernels for file handling and json serialization have been redesigned. For example, you can now serialize nbt and or entities.

    A lot of syntax has been modified and simplified. one of my favorites is the Append effect, here is an example
    Code (Text):
    1. append player's tool with key uuid of player as nested object "data:players tools[1]" to json file "..."
    Don't worry I'll show you everything here, the new syntax is more intiative and I hope you'll find it easier to work with this addon, at the moment the addon supports around 24/25 data-types, if you want to add some that isn't just create a github thread as suggestion and I'll be happy to take a look.

    I would also like to thank the total number of support and downloads for this addon and that is 4129x to date.

    Alright let's get on with the news.


    Adapters ⏺️

    NBT, Entity, Chunk, ItemStack, World, Inventory, bukkit-types, and some Skript-types.

    Please check SkriptHub or Wikipedia for syntax changes.

    Sincerely, Coffee.

    Full Changelog: https://github.com/cooffeeRequired/skJson/compare/2.1.1...2.5
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