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Addon SkJade 1.4.1

Providing custom syntax to skript c:

  1. SkJade - 1.3.1

    SkJade has been updated with a fair few cool additions !

    • Lasers! You can now create guardian beams to go from one point to another. These can be stored with the points changed
    • Contents of a hologram line. This should've already been in since day 1, however i didn't pay enough attention. You can set the contents of a line too
    • Item cooldowns, support for multiple to be set or retrieved
    • Fixed a bug with legacy startup throwing errors
    • 1.17 is now supported
    • Rebranding; SkJade's colours have been changed to be more eye friendly

    As always, please report any bugs, issues, or suggestions to the issue tracker or my discord, and you will be able to find all syntax on the skUnity docs!
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