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Addon SkJade 1.4.2

Providing custom syntax to skript c:

  1. SkJade 1.3.0!

    Another release which brings new syntaxes and stuffs and fixes and stuffs and yay!

    - Image Lines expression (HolographicDisplays)
    - Hide Entity effect
    - World Border Centre expression
    - World Border Damage Amount expression
    - World Border Damage Buffer expression
    - World Border Size expression
    - World Border Warning Distance expression
    - World Border Warning Time expression
    - World Border Size Over Time effect
    - World Border Reset effect
    - World's Hardcore Value expression
    - Unary expression
    - Item Cooldown expression
    - Primary World expression
    - Timespan in ticks expression
    - Epic new syntax for the lasagna effect! (woo hoo!!!)

    As always, please report any bugs, issues, or suggestions to the issue tracker or my discord!

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